Kiel APNP provides vaccine message
Mary Reszczynski gives a Pneumococcal vaccine.

Patients of Mary Reszczynski, APNPFP, have shown an increased interest in pneumococcal vaccinations.

Recent media promotion of the newest vaccine, Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV13), has influenced the surge. Reszczynski believes in the benefits and advocates for the vaccine.

“Everyone 65 and older should be vaccinated against pneumococcal disease. Folks who are younger than age 65 should get vaccinated if they fall into one of the groups with increased risk of serious pneumococcal infection such as chronic lung disease including asthma, heart disease, diabetes, chronic liver disease, alcoholism, sickle cell disease, persons who have lost their spleen, any immunocompromising condition, chronic kidney disease, or if a patient has a cochlear implant or a cerebrospinal fluid leak. In addition, everyone who smokes cigarettes should receive the vaccination.

“The vaccines are also now part of the routine vaccination schedule given to children,” Reszczynski said.

The other and older vaccine, Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine (PPSV23), partners with the PCV13 vaccine and the two combined protect against 36 types of pneumococcal strains.

“Pneumococcal is a disease caused by bacteria often spread from person to person and can lead to more serious infections. The vaccines provide a preventative measure from those serious infections and complications such as pneumonia, blood infections, and meningitis. As we age, one’s immune system is not as strong and coexisting chronic health problems such as heart diseases and diabetes provide additional factors in compromising the immune system. I highly recommend receiving the vaccines for those reasons,” she said.

Reszczynski added, “This is not like a flu shot; it is a vaccine where it is given once in a lifetime and is covered by Medicare. It has been well tolerated by our patients with only minor reactions such as arm soreness,” Reszczynski said.

Reszczynski is an Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber at the Affinity Kiel Clinic with 17 years of experience in family medicine. Her license allows her to assess, diagnose, manage, and treat chronic and acute disease; prescribe medication; perform minor procedures; and order and interpret laboratory tests. Her primary care provider role extends to treatment of all ages.

The Affinity Kiel Clinic recently expanded their laboratory services to include a full-time phlebotomist and onsite rapid strep tests and urinalysis. Testing not performed in the clinic is sent to Calumet Medical Center (CMC) in Chilton with most tests results received back the same day. Persons wanting lab services need not be a patient from the Affinity Medical Group-Kiel Clinic or have a scheduled appointment; they simply need an order for the blood draw or urinalysis.

To make an appointment with Reszczynski at the Affinity Kiel Clinic or to learn more about their lab services call 894-3322. Additional information on pneumococcal vaccinations can be

found at