Mobile Lab to visit Kiel
Lakeshore Technical College’s Emergency Medical Services Mobile Lab will be coming to Kiel this fall.

Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland has unveiled an Emergency Medical Services Mobile Lab which will benefit communities on the outer edges of LTC’s district by offering training to non-urban areas which need it.

The Mobile Lab will be coming to Kiel in fall of this year.

The EMS Mobile Lab was built in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development through a Blueprint for Prosperity grant in the Wisconsin Fast Forward program. The Mobile Lab offers access to where employer demand is in the area and gives students training closer to home.

“Quality education for our EMS providers equates to quality patient care for the citizens of our community,” said Dick Isely, EMS chief for Kiel Ambulance.

The EMS mobile lab represents the training environment in which an EMT will be working. It is a fully equipped ambulance with all the equipment needed to learn and be evaluated on the necessary skills for EMT training. This includes stretcher movement and loading, back boarding, splinting, bleeding control, airway management, medication administration, and CPR and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use.

The EMS mobile lab is designed to permit the laboratory component of the basic Emergency Medical Technician course to be delivered off campus, at the fire department or ambulance service. This benefits the LTC District by providing a local educational offering for those individuals looking to gain the knowledge and credentials to work on an ambulance and serve their local communities.

“Traditionally, these courses and the laboratory skills activities were completed on our campus in Cleveland; however, this created travel challenges and more time away from the families of our students, who are frequently taking this training to volunteer for their local communities,” said Ryan Skabroud, LTC dean of Public Safety.

“We developed the mobile lab concept to take the training to the doors of those that need it,” continues Skabroud. “Just as our volunteer responders are willing to come to your door in the time of need, we felt that we needed to do the same with our training program.”

So far, the mobile lab has been in Random Lake, Plymouth, and Two Rivers. The spring 2016 semester it is back in Plymouth, and for fall 2016 it will be coming to Kiel. So for those individuals in these areas looking for an opportunity to give back to their communities, the basic EMT course will be coming to their backyard.