Super Wrench now servicing semis
By Mark Sherry
Mark Sherry photo
The staff at Super Wrench, LLC on Belitz Road in Kiel is comprised of (from left) Kayla Witkowski, Jessica Kimme, Jeremy Becker, Casey Litz, Jacob Muehlbauer, and Jim Johnson.

From the smallest domestic or foreign vehicles to semi trucks and trailers, Super Wrench, LLC of Kiel can service them.

Since moving into its new location at 540 Belitz Rd. in July, Super Wrench has been able to better handle semi trucks and trailers because of its expanded facility. Owner Casey Litz and his team oversaw and assisted with an addition put on to the existing building at that location. With higher ceilings and large overhead doors on both ends, Super Wrench technicians can pull semis and trailers into the bay to work on them in comfortable conditions year round.

Litz has 28 years of experience in repairing vehicles of all shapes and sizes, the last seven of which were running his own repair business on Fish & Game Road near the intersection of STH 67. He went to an automotive technician school in Chicago for a year at the start of his career and gained vehicle service experience at several other places prior to starting his own business.

This summer’s move to the Belitz Drive location increased his available space from 2,400 square feet to 8,000 square feet. It also moved the business into an area with other businesses as Super Wrench is located just down Belitz Drive from the Kiel Veterinary Clinic in the Rockville commercial area.

It is worth finding Super Wrench as Litz said his business has a lot to offer in terms of vehicle repair and maintenance. “I feel I try to be honest and forthcoming with people on what they need and don’t need and try not to oversell anything,” he said. “To be fair is fair. I don’t like to see a bunch of money spent and not get anywhere.”

By the way, the Super Wrench name comes from Litz’s nickname as that is what friends called him for years. He said he feels he has some other “super wrenches” working for him in technicians Jim Johnson and Jake Muehlbauer. A more recent addition is Jeremy Becker, who has 15 years of experience working on semis and trailers. “Qualified technicians are hard to come by,” Litz said, adding that he is happy to have the crew he has.

Along with the assistance of Tracy Litz, Jessica Kimme, and Kayla Witkowski, the Super Wrench team can work on any make or model of vehicle. It has the computer diagnostics needed these days to assess what is going on inside passenger cars, pickup trucks, and semis. Super Wrench can work on clutches, differentials, transfer cases, engine swaps and engine work, some transmission work, alignments on vehicles one ton and less, tires, brakes, suspensions, air conditioning systems, exhaust systems, and anything else right down to a simple but thorough oil change and vehicle inspection.

Speaking of inspections, Super Wrench can also do Department of Transportation inspections for semi trucks and trailers.

Litz said his business has carved out a bit of a niche doing needed repairs to shortcomings in the 6.0-liter Ford Power Stroke diesel engine. The engine came out in 2003 to comply with new emissions standards. Ford rushed the engine into production which resulted in numerous problems.

Fixing problems is no problem for the Super Wrench team, nor is it any hassle for the vehicle owner. Super Wrench offers free pick-up and delivery of vehicles in the Kiel area and loaner car service. Free estimates are given on any work to be done. The move to Belitz Drive also makes available a large, clean waiting room for customers which includes WiFi.

To schedule an appointment or to find out more about Super Wrench, call (920) 286-6333 or check out the Web site