Father-son team forges a future
Education, experience help pave way for Mathes Construction
By Mike Mathes
Mike Mathes photo
After 22-plus years of operating his own construction business, Tim Mathes is taking on a new partnership with his son, Cory. Cory has been an employee of Mathes Construction & Gutter Company for the past 10 years.

After 22 years in business, Tim Mathes is opening the door to a second generation of ownership for Mathes Construction & Gutter Company.

January 1, Mathes and his son, Cory, officially signed on the dotted line to carry their partnership forward.

“I am thankful we are able to carry on the business name into the future. The fact that Cory wanted to come on board is a terrific way to continue the well-rounded nature of this business,” Tim Mathes said.

The second-generation partner said working with his father’s business has been among his goals since high school.

“It means a lot to me that I have a chance to do this. Since high school, I have wanted to carry my dad’s legacy forward,” Cory Mathes said. “It’s my goal to be as successful in serving customers as Tim has been and continues to be. I feel honored to be able to do that.”

A ten-year veteran

Both partners emphasized that most people won’t see major changes in the way the company does business.

Cory has been a part of the Mathes Construction team for a decade and serves as one of two journeyman carpenters on the Mathes Construction staff.

Moving forward he will work more closely with Tim to focus more on customer sales and estimating. The work is not new to him, as he has already been grooming for those duties the past several years.

“Cory has been with our business for the past 10 years. He has truly earned his way into this opportunity,” his father said.

“As we carry this family partnership forward, Cory is able to bring new ideas and new better efficiencies into practice.”

Stability is important

Both partners point to the stability of the partnership for customers of the business.

“Other than the ownership change, everything else we are doing for customers will remain the same,” Tim Mathes commented.

“Our products, our services, our locations and our philosophy all remain the same.”

With future ownership securely in place, Mathes acknowledged that the company seeks to grow its business— both from a personnel and workload standpoint.

Entrenched products, services

“Customer service and customer satisfaction is still our bottom line,” Tim Mathes said.

“Nothing else besides the partnership process is changing at Mathes Construction and Gutter Company. Our products are the same. Our service is the same. Our philosophy is the same,” he added.

Mathes Construction and Gutter Company has evolved into a one-stop shop for construction projects. From the perspective of the younger generation, that brings an opportunity to grow the home-building aspect of the business. “We have always had home building among our services. We have both the experience and the education to serve the customer’s needs,” Cory Mathes added.

Recent entries from Mathes Construction into area Parade of Homes campaigns bear those abilities out.

Cabinet makers

Since 2013, Mathes Construction has also offered its own in-house custom cabinet making services.

“We started out building a few small bathroom vanities,” Tim said. “Things took off from there. With the staff that we have, it allowed us to get into working on kitchen cabinets and other projects. The end result is that we can offer a build-to-specs cabinet service that provides them with ultimate quality and customizing.”

Tim Mathes emphasized that cabinet building like all aspects of the company’s work is a customer-driven component of the business.

Well-rounded offerings

Home construction and cabinet making are just two of the major services offered by Mathes Construction & Gutter Company.

Mathes Construction was one of the first companies in Eastern Wisconsin to offer seamless gutter installation when he founded his business in 1993.

With 22 years of seamless gutter experience, the company has staked itself a reputation for experienced and service-oriented gutter work.

Along the way, the business has diversified into nearly all phases of construction.

Training is critical

The two partners emphasized that keeping a well-trained staff is vital to serving customers.

“We believe that education and training pays off in serving our customers,” Tim Mathes said.

Tim Mathes is the senior member of the team, having more than a decade of prior experience before starting the business in 1993.

Both Cory Mathes and Adam Boll, an 11-year member of the Mathes team, have earned their journeyman carpentry certification through Lakeshore Techni-cal College.

Apprentice Nick Winkler has also

started along the path to his journey-man’s card. Winkler has been with the company for five years.

Jesse Byrge, another Mathes Construction team member, brings 15 years of experience, having owned his own business in the past. Nathan Kaiser is a member of the summer crew.

Two of the youngest team members are Josh Bulitz, a Kiel High School senior interested in the apprentice program, and Eric Loose, a KHS junior with an eye on a possible apprentice role. Jaclyn Schreiner serves as the administrative assistant for Mathes Construction and Gutter Company. She handles all scheduling and manages customer contacts.

Mathes Construction and Gutter Company offers a showroom open to the public throughout the week at 901 Service Road. To reach the company, phone (920) 894-7697 or email info@ mathesconstruction.com.

The company’s website is located at www.mathesconstruction.com.