Oligs share brotherly love at New York Life
By Mike Mathes
Todd Olig (right), a member of the President’s Council and Million Dollar Round Table for New York Life, is serving as a mentor for his brother, Doug, as Doug makes a career change to serve the financial planning needs of clients. Katie Scheidt serves as the office manager for the Olig New York Life office at 323 FremontSt. inKiel.

New York Life Agent Todd Olig is getting a chance to return a courtesy he once received at the start of his career.

Just as others mentored him to inspire his career in financial planning, Olig looks forward to making a difference for an upstart New York Life agent. And, the opportunity hits pretty close to home.

Olig’s brother Doug has traded his career in educational administration for an opportunity to help individuals, families and business with their financial planning needs.

Working together as a team, the pair of brothers will see their own potential clients, but will benefit from the wisdom the veteran New York Life agent has gained in his 16-plus years with one of the best known and respected mutual companies.

“Todd will be my district agent,” Doug Olig said. “We will do some joint appointment work during the mentoring period.”

For the newcomer to New York Life, his new role will be supported by skills he developed in his prior jobs in education.

“It’s all about relationships,” Doug Olig said. “During my 20 years in education, the same was true. Whether I was in the role of teacher, coach, athletic director or administrator, it was all about working with people and families. We all had to learn to work together.”

As he crossed the threshold from education into the financial industry, Doug Olig brings a philosophy that will serve him well. “It’s a crossover from my education career. I don’t look to be right. I would rather do the right thing.”

Fitting client needs

That outlook forms a perfect mesh for the approach Todd Olig has put into practice as a lifetime member of the New York Life Million Dollar Round table, one of the top two percent of all agents nationwide.

Todd emphasized that New York Life agents are not sales people. They are problem solvers.

“In our business, it’s all about helping families identify their needs. We aren’t here to sell a product, we are here to give people a good listening,” Todd Olig said.

“Once we understand their needs, we use all our background, expertise and the support of New York Life to suggest the product or products that meet those needs. The process literally puts all the power in the hands of the families we work with.”

Knowing that they care

As New York Life agents, the duo of Doug and Todd will continue to emphasize that caring role in their professional relationships.

“It has been said often that people don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care,” Todd said. “Once they know you care, then they truly care about what you do.”