Out of ideas? Surprise with these gifts
Framed photography is a gift idea which might both surprise and please the recipient.

Exchanging gifts is a cherished part of the holiday season, but after celebrating for so many years with your loved ones, it is easy to get in a gift-giving rut.

Resist defaulting to the same old robe, coffee mug or tie. This year, make their holiday extra merry with thoughtful gift ideas they will truly love.

Great gift idea #1: A beloved book

In the age of e-mails and e-books, flipping through the paper pages of a book can quickly evoke memories of the past. The gift of a book can have great meaning when thoughtfully selected. For example, find an early edition or signed copy of your loved one’s favorite literary work. Another great idea is to gift a favorite picture book from childhood, or one she often read to her children before bed.

Great gift idea #2: Framed photography

A picture is worth a thousand words, but having that picture professionally framed means you will leave your loved one speechless. It may seem like a lot of work to find just the right frame, but companies like Livestock Framing offer an all-inclusive service that makes the process simple. Visit www.Livestock-Framing.com,upload your photo and choose from four frame colors and six different sizes. They will ship a museum-quality print, carefully matted and framed by artisans in Portland, Oregon, directly to you or the recipient. They will even touch up the photo and ship it for free. In just a couple steps you will create a gift that will be loved today and for many years to come.

Great gift idea #3: An experience

Time together is one of the most valuable things you can give someone, so consider gifting an experience for you and your loved one to do together. This could be a cooking class, tickets to a sporting event, a hot air balloon ride or a luxury spa weekend. Another fun experiential present would be to recreate something meaningful you did in the past. Perhaps plan a day to revisit where you got engaged or organize a trip to a favorite childhood vacation spot. Think about any special activity or place of meaning and surprise your loved one with a day to go have fun.

Great gift idea #4:

Much-appreciated services

Finding a gift for a person who seems to have it all can feel daunting. In these cases it is time to think outside the gift box and consider unique services that would make their life a little easier or more luxurious. For example, how about a top-to-bottom house cleaning from a local maid service? Meal delivery is fantastic for busy parents and career go-getters. From hiring a personal shopper to getting a nanny for a much-needed evening out, a gifted service is sure to make a big impression this holiday season and beyond.

Great gift idea #5:

Modern “of the month” clubs

It is fun to gift something the recipient can enjoy throughout the year, and monthly membership clubs can be a fantastic gift. Skip the jam and jelly club in lieu of sophisticated modern alternatives. Memberships exist for virtually anything you can imagine, from weekly wine and flower deliveries to exotic desserts and upscale makeup supplies. Think about what your loved one enjoys and search online for the perfect club membership. Every delivery throughout the year they will be reminded of your thoughtful gesture.