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A Variegated Fritillary butterfly lights on a bed of blossoms to spend time gathering nectar.

attractions, as well, including the outdoor Passion Play and a seven-story tall “Christ of the Ozarks” statue, which can be seen for miles in all directions. Although our agenda didn’t keep us in town for a performance in the scaled back fall season, we took a look at the impressive outdoor seating, acknowledging that it must be quite a show.

From Eureka, it was on to some hiking at Table Rock Lake near Branson, and a gratuitous stop on the downtown waterfront, before heading for Springfield.

There we concluded our Ozark opportunities with a chance to engage in another musical evening with the Greater Ozarks Bluegrass Society, an organization dedicated to keeping bluegrass alive.

What could be more appropriate than to finish off a trip with a chance to jam with some great fiddle and banjo players in a town called Ozark, MO?

The players were welcoming to a couple from Wisconsin. One of the fiddlers teased incessantly about our poor sense of direction.

He kept asking where we were headed after our stop in Ozark.

When I replied back north to Wisconsin. He said, with a snicker and a grin, “Young feller, you’re a-goin’ in the wrong direction for this time of the year.”