Ohhh.... ZARKS!
Finding fun along the great plateau
By Mike Mathes
Hawks Bill Crag at Whitaker Point, near Ponca, is considered the most scenic point in the Ozarks. But, it has good company from many close seconds.
The bobcat, a common resident of the hills of the Ozarks spied the camera man, but fortunately for the photographer, he was behind the fencing at the Turpentine Creek animal refuge near Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Over the years, the lyrics of a song have rung through my brain. It goes something like this

“There’s a beauty in the river, “There is beauty in the stream,

“There’s a beauty in the forest at night, where the lonely night hawk screams.”

The lyrics are attributed to a band called the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, popular back in the 1970s.

Their simple music always held an attraction for me to someday visit the land that spawned their brand of music.

Someday became into this fall, as the Mathes family truckster headed off on a jaunt to the massive southern plateau of rolling hills known as the Ozarks.

Not true mountains, like the Appalachians or the Rockies to the West, the Ozarks are a high and deeply dissected plateau spreading over most of the southern half of Missouri and portions of north and northwest Arkansas. Elevations may rise into the low 2,000 feet above see level, not seemingly as

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