Tricks to revamp home

Whether you have just moved into a home or you have lived there for years, it might be time for a design tune-up.

While many people may think tackling their home décor takes a bundle of time, money and expertise, it does not have to be so frightening. You do not need to spend a fortune or go to design school to breathe a little life into your home.

“It’s all about simplicity,” said Susan Yoder, interior design expert for Clayton Homes. “A little goes a long way when it comes to home décor and living spaces. Only a few simple changes can make a big difference and allow you to create a room you’ll be itching to show off to friends and family.”

Yoder offers a few of her design tips that will help any homeowner revamp their space:

Pops of color: “Nothing livens up a room like a bright pop of color,” Yoder said. If you have neutral-toned furniture, try sprucing up the room with lamps, curtains and accessories in bold hues. If you are up for a painting challenge, an accent wall is a great way to incorporate color into a space. Choose your favorite color from a throw pillow or wall-art piece in the room.

Varying textures: A room tends to get boring when it focuses on only one texture, so it is important to create a sense of balance. Try varying the fabric types on your sofa and curtains. Add in some metal or wooden accents to draw the eye around the room. You can even play with lighting to reflect off certain objects.

Antique feature: Choose an antique or unique piece of décor to be the inspiration for the room. This could be a rug, lamp, chair or even a chandelier—anything that gets you energized and motivated. Get creative and run with the theme it creates. Or if your style is more on the modern side, an antique object will stand out.

Symmetrical yet functional: The furniture collection in a room should form a restful, symmetrical layout. It is all about balance. There should be between three and 10 feet between each seat.