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winter and brings it indoors; in the summer, the system reverses and pulls heat from the building and deposits it in the cooler earth.

Tax credits offered by the government in recent years have helped increase awareness of geothermal, not to mention saving those customers some money. Geothermal can be installed in existing homes and not just in rural areas as loop systems can go vertically as well as horizontally.

And when it comes time for the homeowner to sell their home, statistics show that a home heated and cooled by a geothermal system will sell twice as fast as one without. Lower utility bills help that happen.

Advanced Custom Geothermal does all its own work and regularly sends its employees to training sessions to stay on top of the latest in both geothermal and conventional heating and cooling. Whether the gas furnace has gone out on a cold winter day, the air conditioner stopped working on a hot summer day, or the time is right to explore installation of a geothermal system, call ACG at 894-3999.