Nurse helps educate at Affinity-Kiel
Rachel Schroeder, RN, CHPN wears multiple hats at Affinity Medical Group-Kiel including the role of patient educator. need extra support in understanding their medical issues and how best to care for themselves for improving or maintaining their health,” Schroeder said. Schroeder keeps a watchful eye on their patients when they are away from the clinic as well. “I keep the patients on track for preventative healthcare, reminding them of any overdue visits, lab work and also note if they followed up with tests or referrals that had been ordered during their last visit. Because of my role, the patient’s expectation in follow-through does not fall through the cracks. We work as a team here at the clinic and are all committed to meeting our quality care goals,” Schroeder said. Dr. Hetzner commented on Schroeder’s contribution to the clinic. “We knew Rachel was a very competent and caring nurse, having worked with her as a hospice nurse for a number of years. She has turned out, however, to become an indispensable part of our team in Kiel. She is a wonderful teacher for our new staff, always has a positive attitude, and is willing to tackle a large variety of responsibilities. She has a terrific bedside manner, thoroughly educating our patients in a compassionate manner and advocating for their need to follow through with our recommendations,” Dr. Hetzner said. In addition to patient education, Schroeder assists with patient care in the clinic, labs, wound care, manages patients who have controlled substance agreements, and is involved with the monthly Diabetic Support Group at Affinity Medical Group-Kiel. The Diabetic Support Group typically meets on the third Thursday of the month at 5:30 p. m. with each month featuring a different presenter. Topics this spring and summer have included Healthy Living with Diabetes (with Willowdale Nursing and Rehabilitation Center), Preventing Long Term Complications (with Schroeder), Supporting and Understanding Diabetes (with Deb Pautz, RN, certified diabetes educator), and Cooking for Diabetes (with Willowdale Nursing and Rehabilitation Center). With a primary care provider referral, Schroeder does provide education to patients beyond the practice of Michael Hetzner, DO and Mary Reszczyski, APNP. She may be contacted at 894-3322.

A new medical diagnosis can result in a struggle to understand what it entails.

“What is this medication and why take it at that particular time of day? Diet restrictions too, regular labs and other preventive appointments, how will I manage my day-to-day life?” questions the overwhelmed patient. This is where the RN specialists at Affinity Medical Group help to support patients and their caregivers.

Rachel Schroeder, RN, CHPN wears multiple hats at Affinity Medical Group-Kiel including the important role of patient educator providing the extra support needed for patients to maintain optimal health. Schroeder came to the clinic in July with 20 years of nursing experience including work both as a home health nurse and as a certified hospice and palliative care nurse (CHPN). Her years of practice in comforting patients and their families have been an asset in her work at the Kiel clinic.

“Here at Affinity Medical Group-Kiel I work alongside Dr. Hetzner and Nurse Practitioner Mary Reszczynski, providing joint patient visits and individual appointments. I work with high risk patients, those that have heart disease, lung disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes. I spend time with patients who were recently discharged from an inpatient facility and those who are at risk for hospital readmissions or have frequent emergency department visits. These patients