Howards Grove Progress briefs 2015
Giving comfort in all Four Seasons

Four Seasons Comfort LLC does what its name says—providing cooling and heating comfort to area residents in all four seasons of the year.

From its locations at W2074 Garton Rd., Sheboygan and 633 Eastern Ave., Plymouth, Four Seasons Comfort provides a wide variety of services in the heating and cooling areas.

There is still a little bit of hot weather left in this season, so perhaps the need is air conditioning. An air conditioning system consists of a unit that cools the air, and some means to deliver that air. Cooling methods depend on the type of unit. Some units also remove moisture (dehumidify) and dust from the air. The air-moving system could be a simple fan within the unit (as with a self-contained window unit), or it could be the same system of air ducts the furnace uses for heating the home. Four Seasons Comfort LLC is thoroughly familiar with all types of air conditioning systems.

Heating season is right around the corner. The furnace is the heart of a home’s forced-air central heating system. It heats air, but that air must then be distributed throughout the home. That job is done by fans pushing the heated air through the system’s ducts. The air comes out of registers, usually located in the floor or low on the wall. Four Seasons Comfort LLC is thoroughly familiar with all components and operations of forced-air heating systems.

The company also is experienced in boiler systems. Whether it is a brand new boiler system, maintenance, or repair, Four Seasons Comfort LLC can help with boiler needs.

When a breakdown happens, Four Seasons has the equipment, spare parts, and expertise to address the problem and it is ready to roll at any hour. From experience, they know what is likely to fail and can typically fix it right away. They are in direct touch with all the manufacturers and parts warehouses who also have emergency service to get parts quickly.

For installation, maintenance, or repair needs, or if you just have a question about your system, call (920) 565-2095 or e-mail

Falls Glass offers many products

Falls Glass offers a wide array of products, many of which are on display in their showroom.

When you visit their showroom it becomes abundantly clear that Falls Glass Service supplies windows and doors, mirrors, shower doors, gas and wood fireplace inserts, awnings and railings, as well as three season rooms or under deck roofing systems. When building a new home or new commercial building, or when remodeling an existing home or business, it will surprise people how many products Falls Glass Service offers.

Their motto—“We’re more than glass”—makes it clear as glass that they sell, manufacture, install, repair and replace a number of essential and useful products that enhance home and business life. They can install everything they sell.

Falls Glass is located at 433 Monroe St. in Sheboygan Falls. Call 1-800-242-3192 for more information. It is open six days per week, Mondays to Fridays from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., and Saturdays 8 a. m. to noon. Check out

Laack’s Ballroom hosts weddings

Laack’s Ballroom at W4302 CTH JM, Sheboygan Falls is a popular venue for wedding receptions as well as many other functions.

The Laack’s Ballroom staff promises to make everyone’s special day as happy and memorable as they expect it to be. It is a day to enjoy yourself and to know that everything will be taken care of exactly as planned.

Some upcoming events at Laack’s Ballroom are:

Oct. 11—Franklin Legion Dance, Carl Laack Band, 1:30 to 5 p. m.

Oct. 25—We Love to Dance Club, Carl Laack Band, 1:30 to 5:30 p. m.

Nov. 1—Howards Grove Lions Dance, Carl Laack Band, 1:30 to 5 p. m.

For more information about Laack’s Ballroom call (920) 893-3054 or visit the Web site at

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