Pieper Indoor Aire grows in 2nd year
By Mark Sherry
Mark Sherry photo
Jason Pieper stands next to his business’ van which has been driven around the four-county area a lot in the past year for service calls and new installations.

Pieper Indoor Aire Care of Kiel is now solidly in its second year of business, and owner Jason Pieper said he is pleased with the volume of work he has and how it continues to grow.

“I definitely took on a lot bigger work,” Pieper said in talking about progress at his business over the past year. He said installation of heating, ventilation and/or air conditioning at new home construction sites is one area which has grown for his business in the past year.

Doing that type of work while also trying to handle the unexpected service calls for air conditioners which go out on hot summer days can pose challenges. Schedules need to be kept on new construction projects so as not to slow down other contractors, yet people certainly want their air conditioners working when temperatures are soaring outside.

Because of that, Jason’s brother John— who has experience with a HVAC business— has been assisting Pieper Indoor Aire Care, and Jason said his business may be at the point where it needs a second pair of hands.

Seeing repeat customers

Serving customers primarily in Manitowoc, Sheboygan and Calumet counties— along with a few in Fond du Lac County—Pieper said he is already seeing repeat customers who were pleased with his prompt, quality service. “That’s why I think I’m seeing more business,” he said. “The more customers I have, the more word of mouth is helping. It’s going in the right direction, but I need help.”

When Pieper Indoor Aire Care first started, a significant percentage of its work was in the area of duct cleaning. That service is still provided, but Pieper said he saw a lot more heating and cooling work in the past year. From gas furnaces to boilers, Pieper said furnace work keeps him the most busy these days.

Installation of in-floor heating also is done by Pieper Indoor Aire Care, whether that be in new construction or existing homes. In the latter, if there is not a ceiling in the basement the in-floor systems can be attached to the floor underneath and a heat shield installed to force the heat to warm the floor above it.

In the area of air conditioning, Pieper Indoor Aire Care can do installation of new units or service of existing ones, including start-of-season routine maintenance.

Parts inventory growing

Pieper said his business has acquired a lot more parts inventory over the past year which allows him to more promptly solve any issues his customers might have.

Duct cleaning continues to be a big part of Pieper Indoor Aire Care, as does duct installation. Pieper said he likes to make his own duct work as he has the right equipment and know-how, adding that every home is different so off-the-shelf duct work does not always work. The business also will do sheet metal work for other contractors.

Back to duct cleaning, Pieper said fur-

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