Howards Grove Progress briefs
Finding pathway to relaxation

Jeanne Stoelting of Massage Pathways LLC works with Sherry Winkel at Therapeutic Touch.

Stoelting has been working since 2008 after finishing school at Fox Valley School of Massage. She is a licensed massage therapist and was nationally certified in 2008. She also is employed at JomaMaJi Salon and Spa in Sheboygan.

Her first career is in the dental field and she is presently working as a hygienist in Two Rivers, keeping a balance between both careers. The dental field led her into massage because of issues with posture.

“There are so many paths you can take to maintaining health and staying healthy,” Stoelting said. “Massage can be generalized or very focused on specific issues of concern. The majority of people seeking massage do so due to injuries and musculoskeletal issues from all of life’s experiences, just keeping active with daily living. Neck, shoulders and low back issues seem to be the greater needs when seeking massage. Others use massage for relaxation, stress relief, circulation, aiding in all the systems of the body. Massage can reduce pain, release muscle tension, increase joint mobility, boost the immune system and so much more.”

She is available Friday mornings and some Saturdays.

For more information call 894-7537 or (920) 286-0141; or call Sherry at Therapeutic Touch, 894-7976.