Thomas says that ballroom dance classes are especially popular for adults.

Throughout the year, Thomas said she enjoys attending new workshops and conventions to further her education in dance. These experiences allows her to learn from other professionals in places such as Waukesha, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

“I enjoy learning new things because I get to bring them back to the studio to teach our students,” Thomas said. “It’s very refreshing to get ideas from other instructors on choreography as well as business practices.”

A variety of programs offered

Sue Darrow’s School of Dance offers a variety of programs for students of all ages and interest.

Available programs include classes for tap and gymnastics, tap technique, pre-ballet and creative movement, classical ballet, ballet en point, jazz, hip hop, Zumba, contemporary, poms, and ballroom dancing.

Fall registration for the school year

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begins as early as April. One unique aspect of the studio is that programs are scheduled and offered per the needs of the students.

“Things often change from year to year because we are able to schedule our program to help fit the needs of our students and their families,” Thomas said.

As kids get older they are often involved in more activities and sports at school. By offering a flexible schedule, Thomas said that it helps students find time to continue on with dance while being involved with other things as well.

Each year in May, students perform what they have been working on through the year from early in September. This is the studio’s biggest production and involves all ages, classes, and forms of dance.

After the school year, eight-week summer sessions will be offered beginning in mid-June.

As the new owner, Thomas said she is happy to get back to focusing on things in the studio and hopes to leave her mark on something she truly loves.