Riemer, Davis continue serving area
By Eric Mathes
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Abstract Electric provides a multitude of electrical services ranging from commercial to residential. Above, crews have been working hard on the Amerequip expansion project in Kiel.

After 10 hard-earned years in business, Abstract Electric owners Keith Riemer and Rob Davis are proud of the reputation they have built in Hilbert.

“Our quality of work and our willingness to go the extra mile has helped us built a trusted and respected reputation for our business,” Davis said. “Customers see that, they put their faith in us, and for that we are thankful.”

Davis says that it’s the little things that many other business fail to do that has helped instill the trust over the years.

“We show up when we say we’re going to,” he said. “That is by far the number one complaint from costumers dealing with other contractors. As a company, we stand firm on our commitments to our customers and make sure we follow through on our duties.”

Davis says that the cornerstone to the success of Abstract Electric is through solid communication.

“From the first time we meet a potential client, to the last day, we work hard to establish trust through honest communication,” Davis said. “We do that from the first day we meet a new customer, to the last day on the job.”

The owners have also worked hard to create a company culture that empowers employees to take the lead on job sites.

“We want our customers to be able to communicate clearly with the people we send to complete jobs,” Davis said. “We give our employees the power to help customers to the full extent, so they aren’t always calling back to the shop if a problem or new idea comes up.”

For Davis, the feeling of appreciation for his customers is overwhelming. When asked about the business growing in the community, the first words Davis had to say were, “Thank you.”

“Thank you. Thank you for putting faith is us as a business. We are truly here to serve the community, to help people, and grow our business,” he said.

Those sincere words sparked a smile on Davis’ face that evoked a brief reflection on the past decade.

“We are a very diverse electrical company,” said Davis. “Our goal is to be with a customer through all aspects of the job, instead of focusing on one particular electrical service. Whether its a $1 job or a $1,000,000 job, we are here to serve our customers. Without them, we wouldn’t be anywhere and we surely wouldn’t have 10 successful years behind us.”

Providing a range of services

Over the past decade the business has seen growth and development in different areas of service. Abstract Electric services customers in commercial, industrial, agricultural, government/educational, and residential.

“Having a great location has helped us build and grow into different aspects of the business,” Davis said. “We are very accessible for all types of work.”

“Our mind set is to find a way to accomplish whatever a customer throws at us. Lots of companies focus on one area of electrical, but we focus incorporating all different aspects, not only to grow and learn, but to better service our customers,” said Davis. “Our goal is to build the confidence in our clients that we can take care of 100% of their electrical needs, from beginning to end. That’s what we have been doing for 10 years and it’s why we are still here today.”

Commercial work has been a critical aspect of the business over the years, servicing the entire village of Hilbert. Abstract is also currently doing big part in the Amerequip expansion in Kiel. The long list of commercial customers in the area also includes feed mills, and the new Kiel Police Department facility.

As any businessman will tell you, every market is a bit different. Davis and his crews even see specific trend differences within the individual communities and municipalities in the area.

“It’s funny how different every community is,” Davis said. “Customers in Hilbert and New Holstein, for example, will have different wants and needs which makes our job fun. There’s always something new to take on.”

Abstract Electric also works closely

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