Construction ready to begin at campus
By Faye Burg
Faye Burg photo
The addition seen in the lower left portion of the architect’s drawing below soon will be constructed onto the side of Fox Valley Technical College in Chilton pictured above.

Fox Valley Technical College officials are looking forward to the start of construction of an over 2,000 square feet edition.

Originally scheduled to start in April, the addition was pushed back to this month with completion scheduled for October. The eagerly awaited addition will be located between the current FVTC building and the parking lot on the north side of the building. “Although we will lose the patio area, there are plans to move that to another location,” FVTC Director of Regional Operations Colleen Schnell said.

The 68 feet by 30 feet addition will add 2,040 square feet to the college and will house a medical lab. “It will be a medical lab that includes both nursing and medical assistant programs with a smart classroom between,” Schnell explained. “The nursing lab will be set up with four beds similar to a hospital or extended care setting which will enable the students to have real-life experiences in the controlled lab setting before they go to clinical locations and deal with patients and residents.”

Also included for the Medical Assistant program will be two phlebotomy chairs and three exam tables to simulate a doctor’s office or lab setting. “The students will have real-life experiences in the controlled lab setting before they go to their externship working in a clinic,” Schnell added.

According to Schnell, the shared smart classroom will allow for guided instruction for both programs with the classroom also available for use by other areas of the college as space permits.

The addition will house a storage room and an office that will double as a patient exam room.

Schnell said funding for this addition as well as the purchase of the building was provided by the Fox Valley Technical referendum on April 3, 2012.

Schnell explained the need for the additional space. “We have run the Certified Nursing Programs for over 10 years along with parts of the Practical Nursing program for two years by pulling the equipment out of a closet for each class period,” Schnell said. “This is not only hard on the equipment, but also not a true, realistic setting for the students before going to clinical.”

FVTC has been offering the MA program for three years and is currently using the craft room for a classroom. “Although it is working, it again does not give the students a true, realistic medical office setting to practice before going to their externship of working in a clinic,” Schnell said.

“With this addition and allowing the medical programs to have their own designated space, this will open up the craft room and the seminar training room for other opportunities,” she added.

Schnell said future plans are to offer Phlebotomy and to be able to use the equipment for additional training for business and industry.

“We are excited for construction to begin,” Operations Manager Lori Popp added.

An open house to celebrate and showcase the new addition will be held once school is in session, according to Schnell.

“If you are looking to upgrade your skills, learn a new skill or a hobby, call FVTC Chilton or stop in to see what we have to offer,” Schnell said.