Live Life Smiling has new technology
Dr. Robert J. Asp and his experienced team deliver quality and affordable care in a clean, comfortable environment.

Live Life Smiling Family Dentistry provides more than just beautiful smiles to northeast Wisconsin.

By offering the most current and technologically advanced treatment options to their patients, Dr. Robert J. Asp and his experienced team deliver quality and affordable care in a clean, comfortable environment. With state-of-the-art offices in Hilbert and Appleton, Dr. Asp treats patients of every age from over 1,500 households in our community.

Technology and education

Having practiced dentistry in the area for more than three decades, Dr. Asp has experienced the impact technology has on the dental industry and the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and treatments available.

“We challenge ourselves to find ways and resources that enable us to provide better dental care,” says Dr. Asp. “Dentistry is constantly changing and evolving. In order for us to offer the best care possible, we need to evolve as well.”

Dr. Asp, Dr. Ashley Zoeller and the Live Life Smiling team are always looking to improve and expand on the technologies and services they offer in their offices. By frequently attending continuing education courses, completing in-office training and keeping current with the latest products and systems available, they are able to provide the best quality dental care to their patients. Some of the most impressive technology they use today includes Laser Therapy, Mini Dental Implants, iTero digital scanner with Smile Simulator and the SOPROLIFE Intraoral Camera.

Laser therapy is being used more and more often in dentistry to help treat gum disease, tooth decay, TMJ dysfunctions and even to whiten teeth. In some patients, laser therapy can be used in place of the noisy traditional dental drill. This provides someone who might be anxious about having dental work done an alternative option that offers less noise and helps minimize pain, bleeding and swelling.

Dr. Zoeller, an associate dentist with the practice, has focused her continuing education on the development of dental implant procedures. Mini Dental Implants, or MDI’s, consist of miniature titanium alloy implants that act like the root of a tooth. Through a minimally invasive surgical technique that takes place during a two-hour appointment, an MDI is used to stabilize full or partial dentures and even replace a missing single tooth. Because placing an MDI isn’t as invasive a procedure as placing a traditional implant, the healing period is shorter for most patients. This allows for implants to be set and dentures to be stabilized all in the same visit saving patients the hassle of additional appointments and allowing for a much shorter recovery time.

Along with new procedures and treatments, Dr. Asp is the only dentist in the area to offer the iTero digital imaging scanner and Smile Simulator. This technology allows for full-mouth impressions to be taken by a small scanner without the hassle of messy putty materials or uncomfortable impression bite trays. The iTero scanner provides more accurate images of the mouth and takes much less time than traditional impression gathering methods. Through the use of the Smile Simulator, in just one short appointment patients are able to see what their smile and teeth will look like after treatment is completed. Both Live Life Smiling Family Dentistry offices are also equipped with SOPROLIFE Intraoral Cameras, which uses safe LED technology to detect decay, breakage and problem areas before they are visible with x-rays. By diagnosing these issues sooner, Dr. Asp is able to offer early treatment options to patients and help avoid costly and painful procedures further down the road.

“Early treatment is the key to having a healthy mouth for life,” Asp states. “Patients who come in for regular check-

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