Black Pig

In only the first two months of being open, Hurrie and his staff have received much positive feedback from guests stating that they have, in fact, molded something different. By creating their own unique experience, the Black Pig continues to strive for both quality and consistency that will keep customers, both seasonal and local, coming back for their next meal.

Hurrie has been encouraged by the amount of local support for the Black Pig and enjoys the strong sense of community felt between business owners in the Elkhart Lake area.

“It’s a great place to be a business owner,” Hurrie says. “Everyone here wants you to succeed because its good for everybody. There is a collective effort to succeed and that’s a very positive thing to be a part of.”

As his new restaurant continues to acclimate to the new community, Hurrie said he is in a continual evaluation process to learn as much as he can about where his customers are coming from and what keeps them satisfied.

In a town that is effected by the changing seasons, Hurrie is excited to see what the first year brings.

“With so many events, the summer season, tourists, and locals, we are working hard to learn from every week, because they are each uniquely different. There’s a lot of history in this building, and much more in this community,” Hurrie said. “We enjoy the feedback because it helps us learn and grow.”

Catering offers another opportunity

Atop the unique vibe and energy felt at the Black Pig’s location in Elkhart Lake, Hurrie and his staff also entertain guests at all sorts of functions and events by offering catering services.

Hurrie said, “Catering is a fun thing to do because there are no rules or limitations as far as menu options are concerned. Every experience is uniquely different.”

From small occasions to large corporate or wedding functions, the Black Pig has catered events almost three hours away. Hurrie enjoys the different element to catering

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because it brings in another level of challenges and organization to the mix.

“There is no set menu options, which gives our customers an incredible option to customize an event with anything they’d like,” he said. “If something as easy as food can make people happy, then why not give people what they are looking for? We have enough culinary skill and talent in our kitchens to be able to create any type of requests and we really enjoy the process.”

Hurrie said he is proud of the establishment and reputation he has created and relishes the fact that his staff works hard to produce a unique experience for all their customers.

“It’s not about having an ego,” Hurrie said. “The only thing that matters is serving our customers and creating something they enjoy. We are happy to have that opportunity here in Elkhart Lake.” With a long and successful career in the restaurant

business, Hurrie is often asked why he loves his job. His answer is very simple.

“I love making people happy and seeing the joy on the faces of people sitting in our restaurants,” he said. “That’s what it’s all about.”

The Black Pig is located at 91 S. Lincoln St. in Elkhart Lake. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday throughout the summer, closing on Tuesdays during the winter. Hours on Tuesdays through Thursdays are 11 a. m. to 2 p. m. for lunch and 5 to 9 p. m. for dinner; on Fridays from 11 a. m. to 2 p. m. for lunch and 5 to 10 p. m. for dinner; all day on Saturdays from 11 a. m. to 10 p. m.; and all day on Sundays from 10 a. m. to 9 p. m.