Falls Glass

From a material standpoint, products sold at Falls Glass Service meet the challenge of being maintenance free or low maintenance.

Selk said products at Falls Glass are pre-finished from the factory, arriving with the color which the customer has chosen. The product is complete; the customer does not have to paint it. When the door or window is done, the only thing the customer has to do is wipe off the fingerprints. But if one were to decide to stain a fiberglass door to convey a wood look, it will look very real.

Mirrors and shower doors

Among the newer and more innovative things, mirrors and shower doors fall into that category. There are a lot of new, trendy things on the market. Many options exist on glass styles, thickness, designs, and finishes. The choices are not simple. “Customers often say, ‘I did not know I had all these options.’” Customers will need to take time to consider the options. They need to take time to think about what they would really like. Of course, prices vary accordingly,” Selk said.

Selecting a bathroom mirror means looking at different options. One can chose a mirror with or without a frame, one with a beveled edge, a tinted mirror or one with v-grooves.

Selk said that with so many options, it is not uncommon to give several different quotes. Everything is customized according to the wishes of the customer. Because everything is so customized, customers are pleased with their choices

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which reflect their ideas and preferences. The customer picks the design, color and styles and, when indecisive, Falls Glass Service employees spend adequate time with the customer to resolve any doubts. The customer may look at the product one more time before they sign on the bottom line.


Falls Glass Service is a supplier of gas and wood fireplaces for new and existing homes or commercial buildings. Some customers have a wood burning fireplace which they want converted to natural gas or an efficient wood burning unit. It will definitely become a great source of heat, and the heat will no longer be escaping up the chimney. The conversion may cost up front but the return in heat savings will be satisfying. Many customers make the change because they have not used their wood burning fireplace for years. And when they have used it, the room felt cold, Selk said.

A more recent and innovative type fireplace is the electric fireplace which hangs on a wall. Individuals who live in apartments and assisted living facilities may prefer this type of fireplace which conveys different moving flame colors through a plastic cover. It hangs from the wall as a picture and serves as a small heat source. This product has been around a few years and is catching on, Selk said.

Awnings and railings

Most of the awnings and railings sold by Falls Glass Service are aluminum and do not require painting. Falls Glass manufactures aluminum awnings of various styles and colors at its own shop. The largest awnings are made for patios and commercial buildings which may include lettering and logos. An option is having the awning made of fabric.

Awnings can be stationary or retractable. A larger awning can be cranked up and down or motorized. Some move in and out automatically by responding to a wind and sun sensor.

Solar shades are another choice commonly found in restaurants. It involves a screen material that one can see out of but which cuts the sun’s rays. The interior or exterior solar shade stops heat before it even gets to the glass. “We even have roll-up screens for your garage door to make your garage into a bug-free environment,” he said.

Three-season rooms

Three-season rooms available through Falls Glass Service are made of aluminum, and can include a combination of glass or screen.

Gerald and Judy Selk are the current company owners. They purchased the company from its founder Clarence Huiras, who started the business in 1950.

Its showroom is open to the public six days a week, including Mondays through Fridays from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. The business is open on Saturdays from 8 a. m. to noon.

Visit Falls Glass Service online at www.fallsglass.com.

For more information call 1-800-242-3192.