‘Little bit of everything’
Falls Glass provides more services than meet the eye
Eric Mathes photo
Jerry Selk shows off some of the fireplaces on display at Fall Glass in Sheboygan Falls.

When building a new home or new commercial building, or when remodeling your existing home or business, it will surprise you how many products Falls Glass Service offers.

“We do a little bit of everything around here and so it is difficult to help people understand what we do here,” said General Manager Jeff Selk. When you visit their showroom it becomes abundantly clear that Falls Glass Service, 433 Monroe St., Sheboygan Falls, supplies windows and doors, mirrors and shower doors, fireplaces, awnings and railings, and three-season rooms or under-deck roofing systems.

To help the public understand what they do and offer, their motto “We’re more than glass” makes it clear as glass that they sell, manufacture, install, repair and replace a number of essential and useful products that enhance home and business life. “Everything we sell, we can install. We also do lots of repairs many of which are on-site things—replacing a rotted window frame for instance. We take care of people all the time,” Selk said.

Window and door line

Selk said Falls Glass Service is particularly proud of its window and door line. “We strive to find a better product than the next guy; we want a superior product and want to avoid call backs,” he said.

Pro-Via and Lindsay are two door and window products which Falls Glass Service is proud to stand behind. “They are two of the better products that we sell. They offer the most options,” Selk said.

Customers at Falls Glass Service will be graciously introduced to the various products available through the firm. A very helpful thing about customer service at Falls Glass Service is the patient assistance given in narrowing down a customer’s search. Employees are very helpful in sorting through the options naming the pros and cons. If the options are overwhelming, customers are helped to avoid forcing a decision. Why a customer may want to do this or that is answered. “There are so many choices, colors and hardware selections. When completing an order on paper, the choices are extensive. In order to give a customer a fair and proper cost estimate one must figure out all the particulars. One cannot ‘ballpark’ things. You have to take time and go out to customer sites to take proper measurements,” Selk said.

Products sold at Falls Glass Service are most often customized. “Even though big box stores convey a different mind-set, there is nothing standard in the window and door world today. When doing replacements, standard most often does not apply. That product variance applies as well to shower doors and fireplaces. They are all made to order,” Selk said.

In today’s market, energy saving aspects and green environmental preferences are strong. For the past six years, Pro-Via has been an Energy Star Program partner of the year for many years. They manufacture a superior product to qualify for this high standard.

Tinted glass is offered but to keep the summer sun from penetrating windows with greater efficiency, most windows have some type of coating. Among the options to keep the inside cool in summer is the installation of windows with today’s high performance Low-E coatings (low-emissivity) that reflects the sun’s rays in conjunction with an argon or krypton gas between the layers that gives the glass a higher efficiency rating.

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