Dance studio welcomes new owner
By Eric Mathes
Brittany Wusterbarth is the new owner of the Sue Darrow School of Dance in Turn to DANCE/page 14 Plymouth, taking over after nearly 10 years as an instructor. Eric Mathes photo

Sue Darrow’s School of Dance in Plymouth has a new owner with a familiar face.

Brittany Wusterbarth, a dance instructor with Sue Darrow for nearly 10 years is excited to take over and carry on the reputation of her predecessor.

“Sue was a great teacher and I learned a lot from her,” Wusterbarth said. “This is the same place I developed a passion for dance.”

Wusterbarth started her dance career with Sue Darrow’s School of Dance when she was four years old and continued through graduation of high school.

When she returned to the area after spending a few years in Milwaukee, Wusterbarth joined Darrow as an instructor.

The transition of ownership was something that the two had talked about over the last few years, but at the end of August in 2013, Wusterbarth took the reigns.

She said, “It was a bit of a process to get through but I love what I do, so that carried me through it with a lot of excitement.”

Although Wusterbarth was an instructor for nearly a decade, it wasn’t until she began preparing next years’ registration information that she began to feel the ownership.

“It’s hard to explain the feeling, but there was a moment when it all come full circle and I realized my place,” she said. “That was really empowering and I’m excited for the future of the studio.”

Wusterbarth is excited for the rewards and challenges ahead, continuing to put her students before everything else. “Although new challenges can be difficult, it’s part of what makes me excited for the future,” she said. “Our biggest goal, always, has been to make things enjoyable for everyone.”

Continuing a tradition of dance

The studio will continue to operate with the same structure, but Wusterbarth is looking forward to making it her own.

She said, “Things are going to continue with the success the studio has created. I’m excited to adding some of my own elements as we move forward, but it’s really important for me to carry on the legacy of the past.”

Wusterbarth’s passion for dance lies in the progression of her students through the different stages of dance. Many students start at a very young age and continue through high school until they graduate.

“I especially love working with the young kids and seeing them progress through the years,” she said. “Watching them perform and have fun on stage is the most rewarding part of this job.”

The studio offers programs for children age three all the way to adult sessions. Wusterbarth says that ballroom dance classes are especially popular for adults.

Throughout the year, Wusterbarth enjoys attending new workshops and conventions to further her education in dance. These experiences allows her to learn from other professionals in places