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Corvette owners. “We’re all qualified as a Corvette dealer” at Vogel Chevrolet, he added.

By the time the new 2014 models arrive in Kiel, 2015 models might be hitting lots in some part of the country. About the only change with the 2015 is the automatic transmission will feature eight speeds, he said.

Whether it is the 2014 or the 2015 model, the new Corvette is a stunning instrument of precision. Johnson talked about how the vehicle is engineered to increase downforce which keeps it tight in curves even at higher than normal speeds. Johnson also spoke of the Corvette’s Active Rev Matching, in which intelligent sensors anticipate gear selections and match engine speeds for smooth transitions during both upshifts and downshifts. “This is race car technology, really,” Johnson said.

All this performance talk does not begin to address the styling, beauty and technology found in the interior of the 2014 Corvette. That discussion could start with an available color Head-Up Display which complements the customizable dual display featuring two eight-inch screens. The instrument panel has been called futuristic. The center console entertainment interface features a retractable, tablet-inspired touch-screen complete with customizable apps.

The 2014 Corvette Stingray earned the coveted title of North American Car of the Year, and it wound up being 2014’s most honored vehicle. And Kiel’s Kelly Johnson got to put one through its paces—which is why his smile has been even wider lately.