Scott’s grows with youthful ambition
By Eric Mathes
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At only 20 years old, Josh Scott is quickly growing his Scott’s Lawn Service business.

Josh Scott, owner of Scott’s Lawn Service LLC, has now served some off his customers for eight years—and he’s only 20 years old.

When he was just 12 years old, Scott saved his money to buy a used push mower and some other lawn care tools. With a few bucks left over, he took out an ad in the local newspaper and began the first steps of creating a business.

Without a driver’s license or cell-phone, Scott quickly garnered his first three customers, some of whom he still serves today.

“My first three customers were in Kiel, New Holstein, and on Wilke Lake,” Scott said. “My parents would drop me off and I’d tell them to pick me up in an hour or so.”

Without a phone to call them when he was finished, Scott would sometimes finish early and wait for a ride to his next job.

“It just kind of spiraled from there and I kept picking up more and more jobs,” he said. “The work just kept growing over the years.”

By the time he turned 16, Scott had paid off a loan for a ‘96 Ford Ranger that he would use to haul equipment from job to job. When the workload again became bigger, he borrowed a trailer from a friend’s dad.

“After borrowing the trailer once a week, I eventually was coming to hook it up every other day,” Scott said. “After a while I decided I needed a trailer of my own.”

In what seemed like one fluid motion, the foundation for a successful business was seamlessly laid, brick my brick.

By the time high school came around, Scott was managing about 15 jobs per week.

“I used to haul the truck and trailer to school, loaded with my equipment,” he said. “After school I’d head to the first house to cut lawns and anything I could do.”

Scott then joined the New Holstein

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