Easy tips for spring brightening

Bring springtime vitality and fresh energy to a home by making some simple design changes.

Kendra Rhoulhac, the principal designer and owner of Rhoulhac Designs, a residential design firm in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., offers some easy interior design tips for a fresh spring.

¦ Change colors—Typically spring is associated with bright, uplifting colors and bold contrast. Mix popular shades like jewel tones, yellows and neutrals.

¦ Purge the clutter—“Nothing saps the life and energy out of a room like an untidy mess,” Rhoulhac said. It is distracting and blocks clarity. Simplify your rooms by removing things that you have not touched in one year. You may like the look of that corner chair, but does anyone ever use it?

¦ Add shiny accent pieces—Shiny pieces are a great method of creating contrast in an otherwise neutral room. The bright, well-polished metal will stand out when placed alongside white walls or beige carpets.

¦ Incorporate fresh flowers—Flowers will subtly add a fresh and clean feel to your house that you will hardly notice, but our bodies will pick up.

¦ Allow for airflow—Arrange furniture and accessories to allow air to flow freely throughout your house and install ceiling fans to keep the air moving.