Luchterhand takes pride in job well done
By Faye Burg
These are just a few examples which show the diversity of homes which have been constructed by Luchterhand Builders. The home on the left was a “spec
home” constructed near the Chilton Public Library, while the one on the right is at St. Catherine’s Bay in the village of Stockbridge.
This Luchterhand Builders home is under construction on Olivia Lane in Chilton.

With over 45 years experience, Arno Luchterhand of Luchterhand Builders takes great pride in a job well done.

Luchterhand Builders offers new home construction, remodeling, light commercial, and project management in addition to masonry stone, brick and concrete flatwork.

“I’ve been doing this since I was 18 years old,” Luchterhand said, adding his first job was with Don Parsons Builders of Chilton. “Construction is just something I’ve always been good at and I really enjoy it.”

Although located in the Chilton area since he started his own business 35 years ago, Luchterhand travels all over the county and has done numerous projects not only throughout Wisconsin, but also in Michigan, Illinois and Montana.

“I design homes from start to finish and do a lot of speculation homes for resale,” Luchterhand added. “We also offer the cost plus program to our customers.”

Offering in-house design, Luchterhand enjoys putting ideas into homeowner’s plans to make their dreams a reality. As general contractor, Luchterhand helps support other businesses in the community by using all local subcontractors and local suppliers. Working with his nephews who own Cedar Ridge Builders, Luchterhand has quality local people to work on his projects.

With satisfied customers and great references, Luchterhand Builders is proud of the many commercial projects the company has done in the Chilton area as well as numerous homes around the state and country. “It’s really nice to look back and see what you’ve accomplished,” Luchterhand said.

Luchterhand builds a lot of high end homes and enjoys special projects and being able to come up with creative and unique ideas for his customers. “We have a lot of great references,” Luchterhand said. “It’s been a lot of fun doing this for so many years.”

“Quality is number one,” Luchterhand said. “We do a heck of a good job.”

Luchterhand Builders is located at 3409 Killsnake Rd., Chilton and can be reached at 849-4972 and at (920) 585-0214. COMMUNITY!