Chilton Progress briefs 2014
Housing Authority keeps updating

The Chilton Housing Authority is a non-profit government agency whose responsibility is the ownership and operations of subsidized housing programs.

Chilton Housing Authority offers decent, safe and affordable rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly and persons with disabilities. Stanton Place is a 32-unit apartment building and provides independent housing for senior citizens and disabled residents.

There are also 12 family units scattered throughout the city of Chilton, all consisting of three bedrooms. The low-income families served by the Housing Authority have an opportunity to receive affordable housing which, in turn, enables them to move on to the private sector. To date, 24 former family residents have become homeowners.

Updates/remodeling will continue in many units throughout the next several years which includes replacing carpeting and flooring, cupboards, appliances and painting.

The Chilton Housing Authority continues to be recognized for excellent performance in administration of public housing by being awarded the designation of “High Performer” by the Department of Housing & Urban Development. This designation is based on the Housing Authority’s score of 95 percent (out of a possible 100) in HUD’s Public Housing Management Assessment Program.

Colleen K. Connors is the executive director of Chilton Housing Authority, which was founded in 1981. Dianne Groeschl is in charge of tenant services, and Hank Smith handles maintenance duties.

Chilton Housing Authority and Stanton Place are located at 312 Bonk St. Call 849-7042 or go to chiltonhousingauthority.comfor more information.