Care is personalized at Baus Dental
By Mike Mathes
At Baus Family Dentistry, three family dentists and their staff strive to offer the most personalized, caring approach possible for their dental patients. From left are Dr. Michael Baus, Dr. Mariah Murphy and Dr. Lara Baus. Their approach has brought many praiseworthy reviews from patients. The review which accompanies this story is just one example, and it can be found through a Wellness.comlink on the Baus Family Dentistry Web site.

At Baus Family Dentistry the most important goal is simple.

The trio of family dentists and their staff are focused on the total personalized care of the individual patient.

From simple preventive dentistry to total restoration, Baus Family Dentistry is equipped to meet every patient dental care need.

Each patient is treated as an individual, with great respect for their dental care needs and required services.

This year, Baus Family Dentistry patriarch is Dr. Michael Baus will mark 40 years in his professional career. Just as Dr. Mike followed in his father’s footsteps many years ago, today, a pair of his daughters bring another generation to the dental care profession. Dr. Baus is joined in the dental practice by his daughters, Dr. Mariah Murphy and Dr. Lara Baus.

Together, they aim to provide a positive and personalized experience for their patients—from age 2 to 92 (or maybe even a little older).

“When you visit our practice, we hope you will experience the fun, friendly atmosphere we work hard to create. We believe that our patients know what they want, so we provide information, answer any questions, and support your decisions about your treatment,” said Dr. Michael Baus

Owning your own smile

“We like to remind our patients that they own their own smile. We are here to help them keep them keep their smile until they are into their 80s and 90s,” Baus said.

That involves a range of services from prevention through restoration, when necessary.

Having three professional dentists in the same practice offers a fun family atmosphere, but more than that, it provides a great patient advantage.

“We are fortunate to be able to consult with each other,” Dr. Mariah Murphy said. “Sometimes it’s helpful to have three different sets of eyes to review a patient’s care needs.”

Service needs to measure up

In this age of cautious consumers, the Baus family dental group knows that some people shop around, searching for the lowest prices on everything.

They caution their potential patients, however, that “corporate” dentistry often cuts corners by offering a one-size-fits-all impersonal approach to dental care.

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