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uses safe LED technology to detect decay, breakage and problem areas before they are visible with x-rays. By diagnosing these issues sooner, Dr. Asp is able to offer early treatment options to patients and help avoid costly and painful procedures further down the road.

“Early treatment is the key to having a healthy mouth for life,” Asp states. “Patients who come in for regular checkups and receive recommended treatment have fewer emergencies and lower dental costs over the course of their lifetime.”

Leading Invisalign provider

Live Life Smiling Family Dentistry offers a complete range of dental, orthodontic and children’s services. Being able to provide a patient with a full treatment plan under one roof is important to Dr. Asp and his team. The time and money patients save by having all their care done in one office is a real value, especially in today’s economy when it’s difficult to take time away from work and our busy schedules.

“We see many patients who come in for Invisalign or braces but they need some dental work done first,” explains Asp. “Instead of having to refer them to another office and schedule more appointments, we’re able to get them started with a treatment plan that day and give them the beautiful smile they want in less time and fewer appointments.”

Dr. Asp has training and extensive experience with both fixed and invisible

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orthodontics. He has been providing fixed orthodontics since the early ‘80s and was one of the first dentists in the state to offer Invisalign—invisible braces—when the product first came out over 10 years ago. He is one of only a handful of dentists in the state who is recognized as a Premier Provider by Align Technology, the parent company of Invisalign. He’s treated almost 300 patients with Invisalign and has twice received national recognition from Align Technology at their national conference for outstanding treatment results.

The continual pursuit to offer patients the best service is not always easy, but Dr. Asp and his team a know the extra hours of certification and tolerance of growing pains associated with change are completely worth it if it helps their patients to Live Life Smiling. The dedication to this mantra earned Live Life Smiling Family Dentistry a Best of the Valley title from The Post-Crescent last fall and recognition as the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce Business of the Month in February of this year.

Live Life Smiling Family Dentistry is a full-service dental practice with a complete range of general dentistry offerings as well as orthodontic treatments and children’s services. If you are interested in becoming a patient of Dr. Asp’s or would like to learn more about the services Live Life Smiling Family Dentistry provides, please call (920) 853-3212 or visit