Baycom strives for rural accessibility
By Eric Mathes
Eric Mathes photo
Angel Reif and Kristine Pershing are among the friendly staff members waiting to assist and educate customers at Baycom in Chilton.

If there is one thing for certain, it’s that Baycom is working hard to find solutions for the people of Wisconsin.

Chilton Retail Sales Manager Sam Colucci said, “It’s our goal here at Baycom to be a one-stop shop for all wireless communications for northeast and east central Wisconsin.”

At the Baycom retail location in Chilton, area customers will find a showroom stocked with the latest and greatest technologies for wireless communication accompanied by a friendly staff that is eager to help educate.

“Our focus is on providing the best possible customer service for everyone who walks in the door.”

Better service in rural areas

Baycom is an agent for Cellcom, the regional service provider that has become a local household name thanks to the company’s involvement with the Green Bay Packers and commercials featuring head coach Mike McCarthy.

Colucci is confident in assuring customers that Cellcom provides the local region with a service that is unmatched by national providers.

While venturing to the north woods is on many summer and fall agendas, Wisconsinites know that their service doesn’t always travel with them.

“People in Wisconsin enjoy spending time in the outdoors and our communities in this area are often in a very rural setting,” Colucci said. “Cellcom makes it easy to access these areas and provide a better service for our local customers.”

While having a local and rural focus, Cellcom is also able to provide among the highest quality of service for customers nationwide.

Colucci explains that the company utilizes roaming and shared network agreements with other service providers on a national level.

He said, “We especially get to work with many other small service providers that have a similar focus in rural areas to allow our customers better coverage that isn’t always accessible by nation providers outside of Wisconsin.”

Baycom offers competitive prices that help customers save on monthly service costs while offering the highest quality of products available.

“We continually strive to expand our reach to the surrounding communities, which is why we are proud to work in the Chilton area,” Colucci said.

Educating customers

Baycom sets itself apart by placing an emphasis on educating consumers on technology, which has led the staff to become a valuable resource to both existing and potential customers.

For Colucci and his staff, it isn’t enough to just sell someone a service plan and see a customer out the door. The employees at Baycom take great pride in educating everyone with whom they interact.

“Whether you are an existing customer or not, we are eager to help you find answers to your questions and create solutions that fit your lifestyle,” Colucci said.

In fact, when the latest smartphones are released from manufacturers, Baycom locations will hold information seminars and tutorials to help educate consumers on new products.

These sessions are open to the public, whether you are a Baycom customer or not.

“We believe in being a trusted resource for everyone,” Colucci said. “Our staff is very educated on new products and can help people learn the ins and outs of their new device.”

The staff at Baycom will dive into the very technical aspects of new devices with hands-on presentations and interactive tutorials.

“We have TVs linked up during seminars to show people, firsthand, how their devices are compatible with other technologies in their homes,” Colucci said.

Baycom employees know that there is an obvious learning curve that takes place, especially to those new to smartphones and tablets. First-time users can often be overwhelmed with advanced technologies and capabilities when moving from a flip-phone to a mobile device. Rest assured, Colucci and his staff are prepared to help ease the transition with new devices to help educate customers on new features.

He said, “No matter the age and experience, we want to help people be comfortable with new technology and demonstrate the value it can bring to their lives. We encourage people, always, to ask as many questions as often as they need.”

Baycom also hosts an annual customer appreciation event in August outside their retail location. With a big canopy in the parking lot, you will find Colucci and his staff frying brats and answering questions about new technology.

“It’s just a fun way to give back to our customers and thank them for their business,” Colucci said. “We believe in being a business that is imbedded in the community. That is really important to us.”

Baycom works with many area organizations to sponsor events and local programs. Being a contributing community member and local business is something Colucci and his staff are proud to say help set them aside from larger national providers. Baycom continues to work for the customers of Wisconsin by creating solutions that meet the needs of everyday people.

Baycom is located at 104 Southside Shopping Center in Chilton, with other locations in Green Bay, Neenah, and Milwaukee. Baycom in Chilton is open Mondays through Fridays from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. and on Saturdays from 8 a. m. to noon.