Roehrig Field Services a family business
By Mark Sherry
Mark Sherry photo
Judd Roehrig (center) and sons Chad (left) and Cory stand in front of some of the heavy equipment which they soon will be operating in farmers’ fields in and around Calumet County.

When Judd Roehrig began his own field services business in 1997, he probably could not have imagined how the business would grow over the next 15-plus years—or maybe he could.

After all, there were a couple potential assets around the house which he thought could someday come in handy—sons Chad and Cory.

At the time Judd started the business, the boys were about 11 and 8 years old, respectively. Now Chad, 28, and Cory, 25, are key contributors to Roehrig Field Services—not to mention their mother Diane, who handles all the bookkeeping and office work for the steadily growing business.

But Judd will be the first to say that the reason the business has been successful is the personal service they provide their farmer customers, something he has instilled in his sons as well.

A family business

“We’re strictly a family business here,” Judd said. “We’re very one-on-one oriented. We’re always going to have bumps in the road, but we take care of our customers.”

Judd had been a milk truck driver and later a feed truck driver when, in 1997, he decided to do some field work on his own. “My dad had a small combine,” he said, and custom combining was pretty common at that time. His dad had a farm on STH 114.

By the next spring, Judd also was doing some custom spraying using a pull-behind sprayer. “I was pretty much a one-man show,” he said of his first three years in the business. He would help area farmers with the various types of field work necessary in the spring, summer and fall, then spend the winter maintaining equipment, ordering what was needed for the spring and trying to get more customers.

That same seasonal cycle is still done today, only the volume has increased greatly in all regards. A cousin started

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