Pat, poodles help Miss T’s students learn
By Faye Burg
Faye Burg photo
In addition to running Miss T’s Learning Center, former New Holstein teacher Pat Tyunaitis also runs a poodle rescue. The two go hand in hand, however, as she said students she tutors can have a dog with them while learning because it helps relax the student.

A teacher’s lifelong desire to help students led to the creation of a learning center located in Malone.

Patricia Tyunaitis served as a middle school math teacher at New Holstein Elementary School for 27 years before retiring in 1999 and opening Miss T’s Learning Center.

The goal of her center is to tutor and help students find success in school. “I use brain-based teaching and training to help students,” Tyunaitis explained. “Brain-based teaching is understanding how the brain processes information and looking at a student to see what part of his/her brain needs more development and then providing the activity that will enhance that part of the brain. The brain likes variety so taking notes should be done in color with definitions in one color and illustration in another color. When everything is in black and white the brain does not pay attention to the information and won’t retain it.”

“When I was teaching at New Holstein I found that students were being tutored and it was a waste of money since the students were not helped,” she added. “I decided to open a learning center when I retired to provide a service to help more students find success.”

“Miss T’s Learning Center aims to guide students to become successful and happy when learning,” Tyunaitis said.

Tyunaitis will celebrate her 50-year anniversary in the teaching profession in 2015 and estimates she has helped 200 students in her learning center. “Depending on the year, I might have from five to 20 students at a time,” Tyunaitis said.

Offering one-on-one tutoring for all ages, Tyunaitis will help students with any subject. “I care about the success of my students,” she said. “They are not just clients, but special people.”

Tyunaitis enjoys watching students find success and enjoy school. “I had a girl failing in school come to my learning center and she graduated the top of her class,” Tyunaitis said.

Finding the right combination to open her students to learning can be challenging, but it’s a challenge Tyunaitis works to overcome.

Also a teacher at Lakeshore Technical College, Tyunaitis graduated high

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