Quantity, quality, value
Altona fills seats regularly because it delivers on all 3
By Mark Sherry
Jason Hunsader (left) and David Braun continue to work hard to upgrade the Altona Supper Club in New Holstein and to provide meals which in both quality and value serve to attract diners from throughout the region. Mark Sherry photo

When it comes to dining out, it is a well known fact that Wisconsinites are looking for at least three things—quantity, quality and value.

That explains in a nutshell why the Altona Supper Club has been so successful under the watch of Jason Hunsader and David Braun over these past seven years.

Add in the attractive, comfortable atmosphere which those two have created with numerous building improvement projects over the years, along with a friendly, welcoming staff, and it is easy to see why the New Holstein supper club continues to be a destination for people both near and far.

Braun could not have imagined sitting in the attractive dining room of a supper club he co-owns when he first started busing tables for father Glenn as a boy of 7 or 8 at Cedar Lake Resort. The same could be said for Hunsader, who was 12 when he started working for Glenn. Dave said, “You’re just used to doing it all your life. Even though you worked for your family, you’re still working for yourself.”

The two boys became friends and, years later, business partners. These days they find themselves so busy serving customers and improving the Altona that they have a lot less time to do things together as friends, not to mention the fact that Hunsader’s wife Kelly recently

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