An aerial photo of the former Tecumseh Products Company factory shows the massive size of the over 400,000 square foot facility. Having sat vacant now for several years, much of the building is reported to be in poor condition.

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seh Products Company has continued cleanup efforts of the site and adjoining waterways over the last few years under the watchful eye of the Department of Natural Resources. Stutz said all but four monitoring sites at the facility have been closed, with two more scheduled to be closed within the year and another within two years after that.

If some or all of the site is eventually redeveloped for residential use, the DNR would require a higher standard of cleanup of the site than if it is kept as industrial or commercial, Stutz said.

All that remains to be seen. About all that is known at this point is the property is zoned heavy industrial and it has the advantage of railroad access. But, as Stutz said, an outside consultant would head into creating a redevelopment plan with no preconceived notions.

Stutz said the NHEDC provided the impetus for the redevelopment of the Tecumseh site. Creation of the CDA was another big step along the way, and now the recommendation to hire an outside consultant is another big step. “As soon as we started the process to select a company for the redevelopment plan, you could sense that they (CDA members) were excited,” he added.

There will be many more big steps along the way if the Tecumseh site is to be redeveloped someday. The City of New Holstein, its CDA and the NHEDC are taking those steps—one at a time.

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