CACHF supports health care in area

Health care in the greater Calumet County area has a friend in a local foundation known as the Calumet Area Community Health Foundation.

Since 1998, CACHF has supported medical training, education, equipment and facilities needs through various local health care organizations throughout the area.

In total, CACHF has awarded more than $3.6 million in grants to assist the local health care effort. The bulk of those grants have gone to local organizations, with more than 3.25 million being distributed to many recipients, including area libraries, churches, service clubs, domestic abuse shelters, schools and medical care facilities.

Another $385,000 has been awarded to nearly 250 students entering the health care field from area high schools, including Chilton, New Holstein, Kiel, Hilbert, Stockbridge and Brillion.

Excitement in fulfilling goals

CACHF President Paul Hugo said, “I am really excited about the organization because of the amount of money we have given away since 1997. And, it’s all been contributed to good causes.

“The foundation is really making an impact in local health delivery from training health care professionals to supporting equipment and facilities projects,” he added..

In recent years, CACHF has actively contributed to community agencies and organizations like Harbor House and local Lions Clubs.

“Things like that really excite me about the foundation. We are seeing the results of the support provided,” Hugo said.

“Seeing how you help—people that’s really all about our mission.”

Public charity trust

Calumet Area Community Health Foundation(CACHF) is a tax exempt public charity trust, operating exclusively within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. Its purpose is to promote health and health education which directly or indirectly support Calumet Medical Center and which address the health issues and needs of Brillion, Chilton, Hilbert, Kiel, New Holstein, Potter and Stockbridge residents.

CACHF was created in 1997 with the same spirit and sense of community, as was Calumet Medical Center in 1954. Prior to Calumet Medical Center’s decision to affiliate with Affinity Health System, Calumet Medical Center’s Board of Directors had the foresight to establish CACHF and in doing so transferred in perpetuity, a portion of the center’s investments which had accumulated over time.

This decision assured the spirit and preservation of community health as envisioned by those who founded and supported Calumet Medical Center. Funds are available annually to individuals and charitable organizations in the Calumet Medical Center service area, which promote health and health education and which directly or indirectly support Calumet Medical Center.

Donors encouraged

Donors are encouraged to consider CACHF via financial contributions or estate planning to help build the CACHF resource fund.

Private citizens or organizations can offer help by—n

Naming CACHF as abeneficiary in

a life insurance policy

n Leaving the Foundation a bequest in your will

n Making an outright donation to the


n Establishing a donor advised fund

in the foundation

Please contact us, or have your legal

representative contact us for more information about supporting CACHF.

Contact information

Phone: (920)849-8700 E-mail: cachfinc@yahoo.comMail: CACHF, Suite 6, 451 E. Brooklyn St., Chilton, WI 53014