Mason Street project part of 2014 plan for NH Utilities
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Helping with water issues during this cold winter has kept New Holstein Utilities workers busy. Underground utility work also will be at the forefront soon as work begins on Mason Street reconstruction.

New Holstein Utilities provides electric service to over 2,700 customers in the city of New Holstein and five townships surrounding the city.

Water and wastewater services are provided to approximately 1,400 customers in the city of New Holstein. Over 1,400 customers also participate in the Utility’s water softener service. New Holstein Utilities’ mission is to provide reliable, safe and affordable utility products and services for their customers.

New Holstein Utilities will be undertaking several utility projects in 2014. The largest of the projects will be replacing the water and sanitary sewer infrastructure on Mason Street (CTH J) from Wisconsin Avenue (CTH X) to the south city limits near Trimborn Avenue. This is a joint project with the Calumet County Highway Department and the City of New Holstein, which will be installing new pavement on Mason Street.

Work is scheduled to begin Monday, March 24, and the existing plan is to have all project work completed by late June or early July. The proposed cost to replace the sanitary sewer is $300,530. The water system upgrade is projected to cost $579,385.

In order to comply with Wisconsin Administrative Code, the Water Department staff will continue to conduct cross connection inspections of customers’ water systems in their homes and businesses. The inspections are completed to ensure that contaminated water does not back feed into the utility’s water infrastructure and potentially shut down the city’s water system. If a customer’s water system does not meet code they will be asked to take corrective action.

The electric distribution system will be upgraded on portions of South Washington Road and Charlesburg Road. New Holstein Utilities will continue to replace aging electric transformers that are located throughout the service territory. Customers will be called to make an appointment to have the transformers changed. As the last distribution system study was completed in 2004, the plan is to have another study completed in 2014, particularly to concentrate on the electric system in the rural areas to identify potential improvements that could be made.

Rate adjustments

With costs rising to provide water and sanitary sewer service, New Holstein Utilities raised the rates in early 2014. The water rates were increased by 3 percent. For the “average” residential customer who uses 3,500 gallons per month, the increase will be $.98. This includes the monthly meter charge, the user cost and the public fire protection fee.

Effective Feb. 1, the sanitary sewer rates were increased by 8 percent. Slightly more than 95 percent of NHU’s customers have a ¾-inch service lateral and the monthly fixed charge will increase by $.42 and the user cost per 1,000 gallons of water used will increase by $.52. With an upgrade to a building and process at the wastewater treatment plant pending, along with increased costs to improve phosphorus treatment, additional rate adjustments for sanitary sewer services will be forthcoming in the next several years.

The water softener rates were also raised by 8 percent on Feb. 1. The last

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