Paint area grows again at True Value
By Mark Sherry
Mark Sherry photo
Melissa Reese and Jeff Dietz of New Holstein True Value stand in front of the new color sample display in their paint department. Two new auto tinters and the Benjamin Moore paint line also have been added in recent months.

Given the importance of a local hardware store to a community, at least one thing must be true about the greater New Holstein area—it must have some of the best painted homes anywhere.

Melissa Reese loves paint, and her New Holstein True Value store has long been a prime destination in the area for people looking to paint anything—their homes inside and out, or any other objects for that matter.

New Holstein True Value was one of the first stores in the area to have a color matching computer, in which people can bring in about a dime size sample of an existing color and have the computer— and the skilled, experienced employees of New Holstein True Value—match it. Customer color choices also are stored in the computer so that if more is needed months or even years later it is on file.

But when it comes to how Reese views her store, good can always be made great, and great can always be made better. She is continually fine tuning both the physical layout and appearance of the store as well as the products and services offered to provide the best customer experience possible.

That is the case with the paint department, which just in the last few weeks saw new EasyCare and WeatherAll color displays brought in, with the addition of a second autotinter to go along with last fall’s addition of the Benjamin Moore paint line.

The autotinters replace the former manual method of mixing paint in which a New Holstein True Value employee had to squirt a variety of pigments into a base to come up with the color the customer wanted. That system worked fine for many years, but the autotinters are even more infallible and also more efficient. “With the addition of these two autotinters, I feel good that we are up to date with the current technology and color trends!” Reese said.

EasyCare and WeatherAll paints are

made by True Value just a few hours south of New Holstein in Cary, Ill. The new displays at New Holstein True Value feature all new colors. The new “Beauty by Design” color center features warm and cool colors, larger individual color samples and peel-and-stick technology allowing customers to take swatches

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