New dentist settling into NH office
By Eric Mathes
The friendly staff at New Holstein Family Dental is made up of (from left) Peggy Zimmer, Carri Trammell, Dr. Greg Furdek, and Nicole Wieland. Eric Mathes photo

New Holstein Family Dental has a new dentist heading up the office as Dr. Gregory Furdek took over for Dr. Tom Brandt this past October.

A storied journey after dental school brings Furdek and his wife Laura, along with their children Jackson and Annika, to New Holstein’s main street.

Dr. Furdek is originally from Beaver Dam, attended college in Ripon and dental school at Marquette. After dental school he joined the military and took the opportunity to further his dental training in a one-year Advanced Education in General Dentistry program. The opportunity took him to Oklahoma, moving to Fort Sill in 2008.

His focus in the Advanced Education in General Dentistry program allowed Furdek to work with military specialists in the field.

“This experience was second to none,” Furdek said. “It was a fast-paced environment, seeing a lot of patients on a daily basis. Just in terms of volume, it’s an opportunity I couldn’t have experienced without the military.”

Working with different specialists in the field, Furdek was offered a wide variety of experiences and specialty training including the removal of wisdom teeth, complex treatment planning, removable dentures, oral surgery, and more.

The next move was to Fort Wainwright in Alaska where Furdek and his family spent the last 5-1/2 years.

As a military dentist, Furdek was deployed in Afghanistan for six months and served a short deployment to Honduras.

Furdek admits that his experiences around the world have helped him gain a broad range of skills and abilities.

“Without the military and specialized training, the scope of my practice would be much more limited,” he said. “It seemed at times like there was an unlimited number of patients which gave me lots of experience very quickly.”

Furdek said that the military also prepared him for his duties as a business owner.

“I picked up and honed a lot of great skills through my military experience that have translated well into my practice,” he said. “Multitasking and delegating duties in a fast-paced environment has made our practice in New Holstein very efficient.”

Along with him at the New Holstein office is Cary Trammell, who served as Furdek’s military assistant. The partnership brings reliable and trusting experience to their local practice.

The right service for new patients

Furdek said his family has been very welcomed into the new community and he looks forward to meeting new patients every day.

“We do a lot of good things in our office and our staff has created a very welcoming environment,” Furdek said.

By bringing in some new equipment and utilizing specialty training, Furdek looks to build his practice to be as efficient as possible for patients.

One particular piece of technology used is a crown milling unit, which makes crowns right in the office.

Placing a crown for a patient typically requires two visits to complete the procedure. The first appointment places a temporary filling while a crown is created at another company. A second appointment, once the crown is made, is used to cement the crown into place.

“By bringing this technology into our office to make the crowns here, we can shorten visits for patients and complete everything in one appointment,” Furdek said.

New Holstein Family Dental also performs custom staining to match existing teeth for a perfect blend. This allows a customer to retain a confident smile if dental work is done in a noticeably visible area.

Along with specialty areas, Furdek

and his staff practice general dentistry and especially enjoy working with children.

“Our staff has a lot of patience and understanding with everyone we treat,” Furdek said. “Everyone works very hard in creating a friendly atmosphere.”

New Holstein Family Dental is currently accepting new patients and is eager to continue serving the local area, he said. Their office is located at 2011 Wisconsin Ave. in New Holstein and can be reached at 898-4110.