Wanderlust shoes fuel Tri-County Tours
Whether its a familiar landmark or an opportunity to relive history, Tri-County Tours offers group touring opportunities for those with wanderlust.

Helen Schmidt has always worn what she calls “wanderlust shoes.”

Literally translated it means traveling shoes, something that has parlayed well into her 35 years in business as a group travel coordinator.

Tri-County Tours became the official business name in 1982 when Schmidt’s husband erected a sign on her lawn announcing the new business name.

Today, Tri-County Tours continues helping others with “wanderlust” to fill their touring desires through chartered group trips here in Wisconsin and literally around the world. Tri-County Tours focuses on group adventures only, and does not serve as an individual travel agency.

It all started in 1979, when some of Helen’s co-workers at Tecumseh Products Company in New Holstein encouraged her to procure tickets for the wonderful country music stars who were slated to perform in Green Bay.

Those early trips became the inspiration for a business that has taken travelers to all corners of the U. S. and beyond its borders into Canada and Mexico.

Partnered with Mayflower

Today, Tri-County Tours remains Partnered with Illinois-based Mayflower tours, a relationship that started in 2002.

This partnership enables Tri-County Tours to offer full-escorted vacation packages. Travelers booking through Tri-County Tours can choose from packages throughout the U. S. and literally across the globe.

Each year, Mayflower tours offers a special springtime getaway, the ever-popular Value Tour. This year Tri-County Tours is taking the tour south to “Texas Cowboy Country” featuring a stay at the famed YO Ranch, visiting San Antonio, Fredricksburg, the hill country, Fort Worth and Oklahoma City.

The tour is so popular that March is completely sold out. Openings remain available on the April 11 tour; however, seats are selling rapidly and travelers are encouraged to get on board quickly to reserve their departure.

Wide array of options

Tri-County Tours continues to offer a wide range of travel opportunities through Mayflower.

Departures being offered this year include European River Boat Cruising, World Holidays, North American Air Holidays and other motor coach adventures.

Linking up to information is easy.

Prospective travelers can stop by the Tri-County Tours office at Schmidt’s New Holstein home—1315 Trimborn Ave.—or at The Olive Branch on Fremont Street in Kiel.

Other partners

Tri-County Tours also touts other partnerships in the group travel business.

Since 1984, Schmidt has worked with Holiday vacations to offer the Alaskan Tours, Panama Canal Cruising and the Via Rail tours across Canada. Holiday has been recognized as the best opportunity in Alaskan group tourism. Holiday offers exclusive packages without any hidden costs.

Tri-County Tours has maintained a

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