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20 years. about different things and that’s how problems happen. It can be a frustrating process and there are many obstacles, but by working together, our companies have been successful in overcoming

the barriers.” With customer service at the backbone of the Weber company, maintaining that reputation after the Holweg acquisition

was crucial. Niemuthsaid, “ At times it was challenging to understand and adapt to some European labor laws because their culture is very different than ours. Our company is proud of the reputation that we have built with our clients around the world, so overcoming the new challenges was an important task to

uphold that.” New regulations have also made it possible for the Weber company to be more active in Asian markets

likeChina. “ The biggest hurdle we face in some of the Asian markets is with copy cat manufacturers,”

Niemuth said. Manufacturers often lock into price wars, jockeying for the best bottom dollar, which sacrifices quality on the

otherend. “ It’s very simple, but, the lower costs create lower quality machines,” Niemuthexplains. “ We compete in those situations by reinforcing our high standards of craftsmanship and

customer service.” The company continues to up its reputation for quality products and works tirelessly to provide an unmatched level of customer service around