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Call us! made even more efficient by the workers in the kitting department, who County setup materials for machine operators on custom carts so that orders can be switched with less

down time. With the company’s focus on lean manufacturing, Wind News! Walker experienced a 13 percent growth in production over the last year alone without the addition of any new

printing presses. New opportunities will bring Wind Walker into new markets and make the company more competitive among

other manufacturers. Planning today,

growth tomorrow As the company continues to grow, it does so with an outlook on

future potential. Wind Walker also looks to improve their quality control technology with full defect

inspection cameras. The install would make for a good selling point for the growing sales force. An increase in quality control technology would open doors to enter the pharmaceutical and health care markets which have stricter regulations

and guidelines. Wind Walker has also implemented a recycling program which reduces the cost of waste going to the landfill. Being a socially responsible is an important initiative for

the company. Through the last expansion, a new waste management system was installed throughout

the plant. A vacuum system hooked up to each printing press takes the paper waste as it comes directly off the machine and funnels it through the plant where it’s chopped

and compacted. Cutting down the waste and creating a more lean company are among the biggest accomplishments for Wind

Walker Label. The company continues to be committed to growth through new innovations and in turn hopes to become more capable in

the industry. With 20 years behind them, the Willefords look towards the future and what it may hold for Wind Walker Label. By following the blueprint that paved the way through the first two decades, the company can look forward and set goals for its next