Renovation projects continue at the Kiel City Hall.

communities like Kiel.

“We are fortunate to be looking at this TID in supporting two of our real anchor industries. Both Amerequip and Land O’Lakes are looking at significant capital improvements. They are making statements that they are putting stronger anchors down in our community—that they will be here for a long time,” he said.

Working with existing business is a theme that the city has employed in the past, giving support to companies such as PolarWare/Stoelting and Sargento as they have made major expansions.

The mayor added, “That’s the kind of thing that feeds into other economic development. When we hire people in our industries, they buy food, gasoline and shop for other needs in the community.”

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While some of Kiel’s past tax incremental districts have relied on housing development to generate tax increment, this district will have no residential housing component.

“Changes in TID laws make that difficult to do any longer,” Dedering said.

He pointed to the fact that the city is fortunate to shift residential expansion to private developers like Hillcrest Builders, who has a significant residential subdivision available in Kieland Meadows.

“We were fortunate to have the growth in the Rockville area due to some smart thinking of prior Councils,” Mayor Steinhardt said.

Kiel’s TID#5 plans are expected to come before the joint review board for final approval in March.