Latest trends on display at Julia’s in NH
By Margaret Richman
This new contemporary dining set is now being carried at Julia’s Furniture and Flooring in New Holstein.

Recently returned from trade shows on home furnishings, flooring, and window treatments, owner Julia Bushman-Mayer is replenishing her store, Julia’s Furniture & Flooring, with the latest trends in to-day’s market.

She has purchased quite a bit of new furniture, lamps, and wall décor and is excited to have it on display soon.

Julia relays the trends viewed from multiple showrooms and vendors. “Grey is a predominant color trend in flooring and furnishings with pairings of yellow or blue. Blue hues including that reach to turquoise are also popular. Bold and crazy patterns of chairs and sofas are not seen but more of a lean toward soft patterns, almost a monochromatic look is in style. Loud patterns are saved for pillows and other accessories,” she said.

Customers will also see more contemporary and modern furnishings at Julia’s since she is opening her horizons to those styles. Added to her inventory will be a contemporary grey leather sectional as well as tables and chairs.

Flooring trends continue toward a demand for luxury vinyl tile. “This has been my biggest seller in the past year. It has the look of ceramic but is warmer to touch and much softer and more comfortable to walk on. The lower price as compared to ceramic is also attractive. I have had several people come to me per their doctor’s suggestion that their ceramic floor is too hard on their feet and back and have had great feedback from those that have purchased the product. It is also good to know that if a tile is damaged it can be heated, removed, and replaced unlike most other flooring products,” Julia said.

Also in flooring are upgrades in carpeting with improved softness, ability to clean and longer wears. Select carpets come with up to a 20-year warranty. Like furnishings, grey is the hot color.

Julia said she believes she has an outstanding installer. “David Pethan is very good and I hope he doesn’t retire before me,” she chuckles.

The store provides free delivery for any purchase and has had customers as far south as Racine and as far north as Crivitz. “People often think that a big box store is cheaper than a smaller store but that is not necessarily true. I deliver for free and haul away for free. I have also worked with customers who are disposing of a furnishing that is still in good shape. I take it away for them and assist in selling it,” Julia said.

Julia’s Furniture and Flooring has recently offered window treatments including blinds, roller shades, cellular shades, wood blinds, shutters, drapes and cornice boards.

Lastly, the store is known for custom picture framing. “We tend to do unique and different things here. My framer, Ann Lubbers, is from Sheboygan and comes with 25-plus years in the business. We have already gone into bathrooms to frame mirrors that cannot be removed from the wall. We also do repairs and updates to existing pieces. Shadow boxes have also been popular. We have taken meaningful items that people have and frame them for display and protection. Besides war memorabilia we are framing mom’s or grandma’s apron in a shadow box along with handwritten recipes and cookie cutters,” she said.

Julia reports that a recent upsurge in remodeling has had a positive effect on her business as well as a desire for the elderly to stay in their homes. “I once sold four to six lift chairs per year and now sell four to six per month,” she said.

In business at 2105 Main St. in New Holstein since 1999, Julia accentuates, “We can take any budget and make a big difference.”