Always 80 in the showroom
It’s always 80 at Chilton Furniture and we’re not talking degrees
By Mike Mathes
The Chilton Furniture twins—Casual Jerry and Business Jerry—have a new message. It’s one that Casual Jerry boasts proudly on the chest of his football jersey—80. They want customers to know that Chilton Furniture has 80 recliners on the showroom floor at any time. Actually, their greater message is that Chilton Furniture is more than your average furniture store. It’s a large showroom with a wide selection of offerings. Stop in and count the recliners when you have a little free time. You’ll find 80 of them—and you will find a whole lot more than you expect from a small town store.

The first question you have to ask yourself is simple.

Why would a guy from Chilton Furniture be wearing a football jersey?

Another question immediately pops into your mind....why would one of the twins from Chilton Furniture commercials be wearing that jersey? Isn’t he supposed to be wearing a Hawaiian shirt?

Why the jersey? Is he planning a career comeback? Hardly.

Casual Jerry of Chilton Furniture twins fame has lost too many steps and added too much padding to return to his playing days any time soon.

The answer to your questions lies deeper—in the number 80 for instance.

Always 80 on the floor

Casual Jerry’s obsession with the number 80 is an important reminder about the Chilton Furniture showroom.

It doesn’t refer to temperature. Chilton Furniture is adamant about offering you a comfortable “laid back” shopping experiencewhich is always the case at Chilton Furniture.

The 80 on Casual Jerry’s jersey is a reminder to everyone that Chilton Furniture always has 80 recliners on its showroom floor and a whole lot more.

That’s right -80 recliners dot the floor on any given day. Don’t expect to catch them with anything less—and that’s a lot of recliners. Even Business Jerry wouldn’t have it any other way. Both of the twins want to make sure Chilton Furniture’s customers know this simple truth—the store is a very large store with loads of inventory and options to choose from.

80 recliners! Wow, that’s a lot of choices.

Chilton Furniture has a recliner for everyone. Regardless of taste, size, or color. Rocker recliners and Wall Recliners. Power Recliners and Lift Recliners. Reclining Sofas and Reclining Loveseats. Recliners for Big people and for not so big people. Brown recliners, Red Recliners, Green Recliners, Leather Recliners, even Camouflage Recliners!

That’s right, Chilton Furniture has enough selection and ideas in recliners alone to help furnish your dreams, weather it’s your living room, or something as unique as your own man’s room—perhaps your in-house duck blind.

80 recliners! Wow, that would take a long time to test each one.

And, when the number dips below 80, Chilton Furniture has a sizeable warehouse capacity to keep those stock numbers up.

But, wait a minute, this isn’t just about recliners. They are only one small segment of Chilton Furniture’s offerings. The campaign runs deeper that just comfortable chairs.

Just one example

The current 80 campaign and the ongoing dialogue between “Casual Jerry” and “Business Jerry” stems from a core message.

The twins want us all to grasp a simple truth about Chilton Furniture.

Chilton Furniture is a complete interior design solution center with a vast array of choices for the consumer.

For years, people have been amazed at the quality of the shopping experience and its beautiful expansive showroom.

But the Chilton Furniture experience goes beyond that. It’s also about the wide-ranging selections offered throughout the store—literally, a metropolitan size inventory, with a small town feel and comfort level.

What if it drops to 79?

It’s great to tout 80 recliners on the floor, but doesn’t the store have weeks where a few extra recliners leave the showroom to find new homes?

Does the count ever dip below 80?

Business Jerry was quick to respond, “When it gets to 79, we have a problem. We can’t let that happen. You depend on us to have 80 recliners on the floor. Fortunately, our staff response time is good and our warehouse is full. So, we are committed to keeping our showroom full of inventory, ideas and suggestions.”

“And comfortable napping spots,” Casual Jerry adds.

A lot more than people expect

Casual Jerry’s #80 jersey portrays a theme that Chilton Furniture has a whole lot more to offer than most people would expect out of a small town furniture store.

The shopping experience is intended to be as relaxing as stretching out in one of those casual recliners—with loads of selections to choose from. “And, remember, this is a Casual Laid

Back Shopping Experience,” says the always-relaxed Casual Jerry.

Chilton Furniture invites everyone to stop in the store to visit to see not just the 80 recliners, but the vast selections in all of its departments, ranging from bedroom to kitchen—from flooring to window coverings—and from mattresses to accessories. There’s a lot more than meets the eye.

The number 80 isn’t just significant in the Furniture side of the operation. Taking a closer look shows that one of the Carpet collections in Chilton Furniture’s extensive flooring Dept. is available in 80 different patterns and colors. Isn’t it interesting how these things tend to work out?

Watch your newspaper and television for more upcoming news about Chilton Furniture. You never know what the twins will be up to next.

In the meantime, stop in at Chilton Furniture and see if you can be the first one to catch the Chilton Furniture twins in the same place at the same time.

While you’re there, check out the amazing volume of choices Chilton Furniture has on its showroom floor.