New chiropractor adjusts quickly to Kiel
By Mark Sherry
Mark Sherry photo
Dr. Doug Andrews explains how parts of the spine work with patient Valerie Hickman.

Dr. Doug Andrews has been back in Wisconsin less than a year, but he said he already sees that he made the right choice when he accepted an offer to join the Kiel chiropractic office of his brother-in-law, Dr. Nic Giebler.

It helps that he and Dr. Nic are more like brothers than brothers-in-law. When they get together, they joke around, trade barbs and have fun until it is time to get back to work helping area residents.

“My wife (Kelly) and I like the community,” Dr. Andrews said of Kiel and the surrounding area. “We’ve been living in bigger cities for the last seven years.

“I really, really enjoy the practice,” he added. “We can’t imagine what it would have been like if I had taken another job.”

That was a possibility at one time as Andrews was nearing completion of his chiropractic schooling and was starting to look for a chiropractor in need of some help.

About that same time, Dr. Giebler had grown his Kiel chiropractic business to a point where he could consider expansion. “I got to the point where I was seeing as many people as I could,” he said.

Making a pitch

Dr. Giebler went down to St. Louis to spend a weekend with Doug and Kelly and talk to them about the possibility of joining his practice. Dr. Andrews said it took a little bit of time before they made their decision. Like Nic, Doug is from Plymouth originally but Kelly is from Kentucky and moving to Wisconsin would take her further from family. In addition, Nic said he knew Doug has an adventurous spirit and Nic was asking himself, “Does Doug want to come back and settle down?”

The eventual answer, of course, was “yes,” and Dr. Andrews said it has been a great decision so far.

The familiarity between the two doctors is certainly a big plus which benefits them and the clients of Giebler Chiropractic. Dr. Giebler was a high school junior in 1997 when he started dating Doug’s sister Ellie—now Nic’s wife and the mother of their two children.

Asked if Nic is the reason he became a chiropractor, Dr. Doug said, “He was definitely an influence.” Their paths to becoming intrigued with chiropractic were actually quite similar as both saw a chiropractor while Plymouth High School students to treat the effects of high school sports. “The body is an amazing structure,” Dr. Andrews said. “It (chiropractic) helped me through high school soccer and college soccer.”

Soccer, chocolate and chiro

After high school Andrews spent a year at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio before transferring to Trinity Christian College in Palos Hills, Ill. on a soccer scholarship. At Trinity, Andrews earned his bachelor’s degree in Pre-Med Biology with a minor in Chemistry—and met Kelly.

After college, Andrews’ adventurous side made an appearance as he moved to Milwaukee to help a friend start The Cholive Company, a company which sold olive-shaped chocolates to bars and restaurants. He said he enjoyed the experience and learned some valuable lessons about business, but it was not what he wanted to do long-term. He then enrolled at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, the same college from which Dr. Giebler had graduated. “I knew health care was where I wanted to be,” he said. “Chiropractic was always my favorite.”

Dr. Andrews’ decision to join Dr. Giebler’s practice has been good for both men.

“I know what Nic’s goals are,” Dr. Andrews said. “I can trust what he says. His goal is getting patients well more than just looking at the bottom dollar. The learning experience has been awesome.”

For Dr. Giebler, having Dr. Andrews on board has allowed the practice to see more clients but also has served as a refresher and sounding board for himself when it comes to chiropractic care. Dr. Giebler said, “I’ve owned this for five years and been out (of college) for seven. You’re surprised how many little things you forget from school. He (Dr. Andrews) has brought a willingness and an enthusiasm to learn.”

Similarities, differences

Dr. Giebler said their techniques are similar but they each put their own individual touch on how they try to help clients. As an example, Dr. Andrews had received more extensive training in college on a table which makes use of a low force technique known as Flexion-Distraction.

“Chiropractic school teaches the science, but you can form your own opinions on how to apply the science,” Dr. Andrews said. “We’re both firm believers in the background of science. Our philosophies ended up being pretty similar.”

Both doctors said they are big believers in working muscles to provide relief and/or prevention of discomfort or pain and to improve mobility. They said there are three major parts to chiropractic care—science (why something is not right with the body), art (how to make it better), and philosophy (what is the purpose behind what they are doing?).

They also are both strong proponents of nutrition and education, and the two can go hand in hand. “Chiropractic can help everyone to a certain degree,” Dr. Giebler said, but educating people in how to eat right and live right can help prevent necessary trips to the chiropractor or other doctors. Both write regular columns in the Tri-County News and conduct classes in local communities, and they have received good feedback from those activities. Readers with topics they would like to see covered or who might want more information on a topic which was covered can call Giebler Chiropractic at 894-2399.

Having a second doctor at the practice also helps them better handle “surprises”— such as the patient they thought was coming in for a routine adjustment who informs them upon arrival that they had fallen the previous day.

Dr. Giebler also said having a new doctor at the practice has encouraged him to fine tune some things about the practice. As an example, he said, “I think we do a good job of encouraging home exercise, but we could do better at letting the patient know what they should do at home.”

He added, “We put a lot of focus on that first visit. When you do spend that extra time with them, that’s when they say, ‘That makes sense.’”

Having a second chiropractor at Giebler Chiropractic has allowed them both to spend more time with their patients, and that is something which has made sense for everyone.