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before cleaning means almost doubling the cost and time due to the build up of ash.

Like most other things, it’s best to develop a good maintenance habit.

Paint department gets face lift

Somewhere in the transition of seasons from winter into spring, Lulloff’s looks to give the paint department a face lift to better serve customers.

“It’s time to update some things and we’re excited to make some changes in the store,” Lulloff said.

The department with be updated with a new color fan deck and paint dispenser equipment in order to do different increments and offer a more diverse color range.

“Utilizing new tools and technology in our store will make it easier for customers to match colors more effectively while offering more options to choose from,” Lulloff said.

The store hopes to make the changes in March when the winter weather starts to calm down and the spring transition begins.

Spring is around the corner

As the weather starts to warm, the snow begins melt and spring will appear again.

During another busy time of year, Lulloff Hardware will begin stocking up for the planting season.

When spring hits, the sidewalk in front of the store on Fremont Street begins to fill with potting soil, mulch, fertilizer, and weed prevention products.

“This is another busy time as people are getting ready for the warmer months ahead,” Lulloff said.

Providing customers with the best possible lawn, garden, and landscape products is possible because of Lulloff’s eagerness in supporting other local businesses.

Lulloff said, “We work a lot with County Materials out of Elkhart Lake which has allowed us to keep prices lower while continuing to provide the highest quality products for our customers.”

Lulloff’s proudly carries quality products like Fox River gloves made in Berlin and Speed Queen home laundry appliances made it Ripon.

“It’s important for everyone, including businesses, to support local and regional companies. Working together helps us all,” Lulloff said.

Although it doesn’t feel like winter will let go anytime soon, before long it will be summer again and the store will be back delivering refrigerators and freezers with consistency.

As the seasons change, the family business continues to work ahead of demand. Lulloff knows that it’s important to be ready when his customers need him. Forecasting demand and the needs of his customers has been a learned science that continues to be a work in progress.

“To become a trusting resource, we need to reflect and continue to grow from our experiences,” Lulloff said. It is that philosophy that has kept his customers warm over one of the coldest winters in Wisconsin history.

“We wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t learn from the past years of being in business,” Lulloff said. “We pay

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attention to the needs of our customers and understand that those needs change throughout different times of the year.”

Forecasting the demands of the local community and adapting to the needs of its customers through the changing seasons has been pivotal in the success of Lulloff True Value Hardware.

“We wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t learn from the past years of being in business,” Lulloff said. “We pay attention to the needs of our customers at particular times of the year and work hard to prepare people for what’s ahead. “

The appreciative business owner is proud that his team’s honest and determined work has garnered such loyal customers.

As if reflecting on each person who has come into the store, Lulloff said, “We value the trust our customers and community have shown in our business. That is our success story and we have a lot to be thankful for.”

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