Olig believes in strong core values
By Eric Mathes
Eric Mathes photo
Inside the New York Life office on Fremont Street in Kiel, Todd Olig and Katie Scheidt work together to provide clients with financial solutions that give them peace of mind.

There are fundamental principles that drive many professionals to stand behind their products and services.

For New York Life agent Todd Olig, these reasons are very clear.

Collectively, the words honesty, commitment, and integrity represent the core values that have helped Olig build his business in the Kiel community.

On this foundation, Olig’s agency is now entering its fourteenth year with much to reflect on.

With an overwhelming look of satisfaction, he said, “It’s been such wonderful ride and I have a lot to be thankful for through my experiences.”

From Olig’s perspective, any good financial plan has to start with a foundation of a rock-solid life insurance plan.

“You have to build the foundation first. It’s the key to your entire financial plan. Your life insurance planning upholds everything else that happens in your financial future,” he said.

Olig is a strong proponent of proactive planning. “The right kind of planning and preparation makes all the difference. It’s important for people to secure their future financial health before something happens and it’s too late,” he said. “Our mission is to provide financial security and peace of mind through our insurance, annuity and investment products and services,” Olig said.

Giving back to the community

At the very least, Olig is among the best examples of a person who works towards making his community a better place.

“Supporting the local community is very important to me,” he said. “With the loving support of my family, I’m able to give a lot of my time back in many different ways.

Outside of managing a successful business and raising a family, Olig has a list of extracurricular that would undoubtably challenge the restrictions of a one page resume.

“I love being involved,” he said. Olig’s list of volunteer and community service work include roles at his parish Ss. Peter and Paul as eucharistic minister and minister of hospitality.

Olig serves as president of the Board of Directors for the Kiel St. Vincent de Paul store and was a past president of the Kiel Area Association of Commerce.

As a 19-year veteran of the Kiel Ambulance Service and Fire Department, Olig also enjoys teaching CPR classes at Fox Valley Technical College.

Olig says his donations to youth activities in the community, including soccer,

baseball, and basketball, are particularly important to him.
Seeking school board seat

On April 1, Olig will seek election for the Kiel Area School District Board of Education.

Olig said, “I have a strong desire to be active in things that affect my children. That is very important to me.”

Although the thought has been lingering to some degree over recent years, it wasn’t until recently that he felt so compelled to seek election.

Olig received praise from friends and community members after penning a recent letter to the editor in the Tri-County News. His letter challenged board members on a December vote regarding future elementary programming in the district.

The support Olig received after his letter was published fostered the decision to seek a more active role.

He said, “The truth is, the decisions we make today will have an effect on the future of our children. Instead of sitting back, I would like to take a more active role.”

Olig is confident that he can bring his own unique elements to the school board.

“I enjoy research,” he said. “In anything I do, business or otherwise, if I am going to make a decision then I am going to do my research and determine the impact of those decisions.”

Olig also hopes to bring his experiences as a business owner and financial planner to the district.

“Financially I will be able to identify some key things for consideration in the decision making process,” he said. “I hope to bring a good business sense to the table.”

Teamwork drives business

When looking back on the successful growth, Olig is quick to admit that his business is no one-man-show.

Instead, the success of his business has been built with teamwork from the very beginning with the help of Executive Assistant Katie Scheidt.

“You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with,” Olig said. “Without her, there is no way that I would be in the same position with this business.”

Olig also credits Scheidt for the ability to do more volunteer and service work outside the office.

“She is a big reason why I am able to do so much more within the community and be so active in giving back,” he said.

Olig’s biggest obligation in his business is to help people in any way he can.

“This business, to me, is about what I can do for my clients,” Olig said. “From creating financial goals for people to preparing a family for a future loss, what we do is very important to me.”

The local business owner is proud of what he has accomplished and all he is able to do for those around him.

He said, “It’s a great feeling to have your own name on the front of the building and knowing that we can do so much for people here. That’s a great feeling.”

Although Olig’s Fremont Street office may appear small and homey from the outside, small is a relative term in comparison to the large impact New York Life has on its clients.

For Olig, achieving any level of financial security for his clients is about one ultimate goal.

“Above all else, we work to give our customers peace of mind,” he said. “Peace of mind for people to sleep good at night with security in their future. No matter the circumstance, that is our ultimate goal.”

In these moments, Olig is thankful that his work as a New York Life agent can play such a pivotal role in someone’s life.