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meeting held in the basement of Zion oil stove several months ago resulted in Lutheran Church, and he discussed the a fire that badly damaged the building public school building program authorized and brought about an almost total loss by the electors. to the library contents.

Damage was estimated to be in excess Dental treatment and examination for of $2,000 from a fire at the Harold Miller boys and girls of the New Holstein area machine shop and warehouse located under a program sponsored jointly by on “Old 57” and formerly known as the the State Department of Health and the Goldbeck Products Factory. Calumet County Board of Supervisors

New Holstein High School’s boys Health Committee with the assistance basketball team raised its Eastern Wisconsin of County Nurse Gladys Savage will get Conference leading record to 8-2 under way here.

following a win over Kiel (8-3). Bobbie About 450 persons jammed every Dosch led the Huskies with 23 points. nook and cranny of the Elite Hall on

a Friday night, setting an attendance 65 years ago record for the place, to see the New

Re-opening of the New Holstein Holstein Huskies battle the Plymouth Public Library in the August Vollstedt Panthers in basketball. building will be announced in the near New Holstein Athletic Club pitcher future, just as soon as the quarters can Ray Janikowski has signed on to pitch be placed in condition. Explosion of an for Oakland, Calif. next season.