sweet tooth. Gourmet popcorn and fruit baskets make great gifts for food lovers too, and combining a few special treats in a gift basket is a fun way to present their favorites.

Made in the USA

Things made in the USA embrace the idea of “home is where the heart is,” while providing quality goods that last the test of time. Patronize boutiques that feature local artisans, or when shopping online, look for the location where the item was created. For example, RedEnvelope’s animal wood cutting board comes in pig, cow, rooster and chicken designs—ideal for any chef—all made in the USA.

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Grill mania

Both men and women are refining their grilling skills by cooking dishes in their favorite barbecue style—and winter is not stopping them. Indulge their passion with a grilling gift that features some of today’s top spices and sauces. Trending spices of the year include turmeric, juniper, smoked paprika and galangal, a Thai ginger. Does your favorite griller like some heat? Add in some Sriracha or Korean chili paste for that spicy kick for which foodies are looking.

Cheer your favorite foodie with a gift that is sure to please. These top trends in food-and drink-related gifts will stand out from the others under the tree.