Gift ideas for ‘foodies’

Between the growing trends of boutique restaurants, creative home cooking and entire television networks dedicated to food, you probably know a few people who consider themselves “foodies.”

Whether they love craft beer, decadent chocolate treats or gourmet cheeses, you can find many great gift ideas for people passionate about food and drink.

Make their holiday extra bright by indulging their interests and exploring some of these top trends in food-related gifts.

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is a trendy and truly unique gift for salt lovers and gourmets. The hard mineral composition means this particular type of salt can be carved into a variety of useful items, such as a Himalayan salt block ideal for serving warm grilled meats or chilled for serving sushi. Gourmet chefs at home can infuse food and drink with a subtle hint of mineral-rich salt, adding a unique layer of flavor. Himalayan salt is also touted as a healthy, natural source of sodium by many health experts.

Personalized stoneware

Winter days call for warm baked goods, whether it is a classic casserole or rich homemade pie. Cooks and bakers love to personalize dishes with updated versions of classic recipes, adding herbs and spices for extra flare. And when that dish is cooked in customized stoneware, there is no mistaking who created the culinary masterpiece. Personalized stoneware is gaining popularity; by adding a name or special message, you are giving a gift that is truly one of a kind.

Sweet and salty treats

Flavor fusion is featured in some of the nation’s most popular restaurants, but home chefs are enjoying these taste mash-ups, too. One classic blend that has been gaining popularity is salty and sweet combos. Gift ideas that feature this ultimate mix include gourmet dipped pretzel rods in various types of chocolate. Sea-salt adorned confections are another popular option—look for caramels and truffles sprinkled with sparkling sea salt for the perfect salty and sweet pairing.

Glass sets for beer aficionados

It is official—the craft beer movement is here to stay. There are more breweries in the U. S. than ever before, and beer connoisseurs are even picky about the mug they drink it in. Craft beer enthusiasts know that one of the best ways to enhance your drink is to use the correct glass. Glass sets make great gifts that are not only useful, but can serve as a beautiful display in a bar or kitchen when not in use. For example, beer lovers will enjoy a multiple glass beer tasting set. Be sure it includes glasses like a hand mug for light ales, footed glass for wheat beers and pale lagers, and an English pub glass for dark English ales.

Gourmet goodies

Unique gourmet treats are sure to impress even the most refined palate. From hand-dipped Champagne strawberries from Shari’s Berries, to gourmet caramel apples and cake pops, tantalizing temptations appeal to anyone with a

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